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Baseball betting favorites for 2014 MVP

July 17th, 2020 MLB Baseball

There are a few MLB betting favorites to win the World Series, but individual performance is also rewarded in the form of the National League and American League Most Valuable Player awards. Last year’s NL MVP Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates has good odds of repeating like his AL counterpart Miguel Cabrera did in 2012 and 2013. Cabrera himself has a good chance of pulling threepeat, but neither he nor McCutchen are in the lead at the moment. McCutchen is in fact trailing Troy Tulowitzki and Giancarlo Stanton (formerly known as Mike).

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Early NHL online betting favorites for 2015

July 17th, 2020 Online Betting

The Los Angeles Kings may have just won the Stanley Cup, but as far as betting online goes, that doesn’t mean they are a shoe in for repeating in 2015. If anything, their status as reigning champions all but precludes them from being championship favorites next year. Insiders like to chalk this up to the salary cap era, but that only came into effect in 2005, and the last National Hockey League team to win back-to-back titles were the 1996-97, 1997-98 Detroit Red Wings. What’s more, only three teams have even made it to consecutive Stanley Cup Finals ever since; the aforementioned Red Wings, the New Jersey Devils, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Online Wagering: Locks of the Year for College Football

July 17th, 2020 Online Wagering

The season is fast approaching and online wagering fans are getting the chills in anticipation. College Football season is beginning to gather the interest of fans everywhere and with the release of this season’s schedule, we can now being to look into the games and start making some predictions.

When wagering online, make sure you look into week 1 and pick Wisconsin over LSU. Now both teams need to do some rebuilding and fill holes on their squad. But Wisconsin might have the edge in Melvin Gordon to steal the away the victory on a very close and tight game.

On week 3 there is a very interesting match up when Fresno State hosts Nebraska. The initial reaction from a rookie in online wagering would be to maybe consider Fresno State to go on top. But in this case you might want to reconsider and look into Nebraska’s chances. Mainly because Fresno’s upcoming replacements might not have adjusted as of yet by this time of the year and considering that Nebraska has shown potential in the past.

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NFL Betting: Under-The-Radar Players

July 17th, 2020 NFL Football

The minicamps that most teams are doing this time of year can be a great way for players to make a good first impression on their coaches, NFL betting enthusiast know that is on these stages of the preseason were secret weapons are discovered. A good performance on a mini camp could very well mean the launching pad to a great season. It has happened in the past, it will be no surprise if it happens this year. Hard working, dedicated players, can emerge from obscurity and jump into the limelight. Here are some of the players who are showing a lot of promising potential.

Reports coming from the Kansas City Chiefs camp are stating that quarterback Tyler Bray, is on a mission to be included in the Chief’s rotation. Once a sought after prospect from the University of Tennessee, Bray reached the league and was stuck in a bit of a slump. However, recent reports have indicated that Bray’s talents are still there and he is giving Coach Reid something to think about when selecting the Quarterback rotation for next season.

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Offshore Bookmaker: The best and worst of NFL 2014 Rookies

July 17th, 2020 Offshore Bookmaker

The average offshore bookmaker customer knows that in order to set up the lines on preseason games, depends a lot on the team reports generated after the minicamps. It is when the coaching staff shapes how the depth on each department will look like. The performance of the players, both rookies and veterans, so with this into consideration. How the players are responding on the aforementioned minicamps.  Let’s take a look onto which of the rookies are reportedly performing well, and those who are not.

Teddy Bridgewater, the rookie quarterback for Minnesota, is really giving the Viking’s coaching staff a lot to think about. Bridgewater is not likely to be rushed to start this coming season, but considering on how the Vikings have had problems in the quarterback position, he could be making his way to the starting role. Reports coming from Minnesota state that Bridgewater is showing determination and hard work that has all the entire Vikings organization extremely happy.

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Only 3 Teams Worth Betting Online at the World Cup

July 20th, 2020 Online Betting

Even though the first round of the group stage hasn’t even finished yet, most online betting experts seem to agree that there are only three odds-on favorites to win the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Those three squads are host Brazil, Argentina, and Germany. That leaves out powerhouse teams such as current World Champion Spain -as well as the team that plowed through Spain, the Netherlands-, not to mention countries considered to be glorified filler like Honduras or… well, Honduras. 

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Recovering Tiger still sportsbook favorite for British Open

July 20th, 2020 Sportsbook

The absence of Tiger Woods is reflected not only on TV ratings but also in online sportsbook odds. That’s why the news that Tiger is taking full swings at Medalist Golf Club -broken by Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte and confirmed by Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg- has been enough to automatically turn the 14-time champion into the odds-on favorite to win the 2014 British Open, which starts in one month at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Merseyside England. 

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College Basketball Betting Odds to win the 2015 NCAA Championship

July 20th, 2020 NCAA Basketball

There’s still nine months to go before the 2015 NCAA Championship starts, but college basketball betting waits for no man. The future favorite is Kentucky, followed by second tier featuring stiff competition among Arizona, Duke, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. Curiously, this year’s champions UConn appear far removed from the spotlight.


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Bet on college basketball favorites Kentucky Wildcats

July 20th, 2020 NCAA Basketball

When it was all said and done this year, Kentucky was only second best, but as far as college basketball betting for 2015 goes, all signs point to the Wildcats reclaiming the top spot they accomplished in 2012. John Calipari’s biggest hurdle on the way will arguably be the Duke Blue Devils. However, each team was differently affected by whether its key players decided to declare themselves eligible for the NBA draft. For example, while Kentucky retained Alex Poythress, Willie Cauley-Stein Dakari Johnson, and twin starting guards Aaron and Andrew Harrison -who will be joined by top recruits Karl Towns and Trey Lyles-, the Blue Devils lost Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood.

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Basketball Betting on NBA 2014 Mock Draft

July 20th, 2020 NBA Basketball

NBA betting on the upcoming draft official had to rearrange its predictions on account of Joel Embiid’s injury and subsequent surgery. Though the procedure -in which two screws were inserted into the center’s right foot’s navicular bone- went well, there is no word on when Embiid will return to activity.

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