Responsible Gambling

Do you have a problem with gambling online?  SBG Global is committed to providing a fun and unique website for online entertainment but we also strive to provide assistance for anyone who has found the fun of gambling turning into an addiction.

Compulsive, uncontrolled and underage gambling can affect anyone involved in sports betting, online casino games, online poker, horse betting and pretty much any game of “chance” could potentially have a secondary effect on personal matters and family life of the individual. When an individual begins forming habits of a compulsive gambler, they simply cannot see the difference between betting on a few games and betting the board consistently.

Compulsive gambling, like many addictions, is a problem that cannot be easily detected.  Uncontrolled gambling makes an individual feel that with just one more bet, he or she can pull themselves out of the financial hole they are in. That is why in most cases a compulsive gambler never recoups their money back, only to fall deeper into financial and emotional debt.

The following are indicators of compulsive and uncontrolled gambling symptoms:

  • Spend more time gambling than with work, friends or family.
  • Neglect responsibilities from work and family.
  • Tried to stop or control gambling habits with no success.
  • Need to lie when asked about the amount of time spent gambling.
  • Borrow money from others to pay for gambling debts or future bets.
  • Bet more money or more bets attempting to recoup losses.
  • Sell personal possessions for gambling money.

Many of these symptoms sound similar to individuals who are fighting a drug addiction problem. Well, compulsive gambling is a drug for those that cannot control their spending limits. If the above examples remind you of someone or even yourself, there is help available. Please review the links below and consult the proper organizations to assist you on the road to recovery.

If any of our clients feel they have a compulsive gambling problem, please contact the SBG Global Customer Service staff at 1-888-238-3279 to temporarily or permanently suspend your account.

SBG Global reserves the right to close or suspend your account and send back your funds if we feel that you have a gambling problem.

You may also contact the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling for any questions you might have via their 24 hour, toll free hotline at 1-800-522-4700.