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Unless someone like Floyd Mayweather or if another big name fighter is on the boxing betting card, gamblers don’t look to make a boxing bet. Boxing betting actually can give gamblers some good opportunities to make money. There are boxing matches and boxing betting odds available on many fights throughout the year, not just on the marquee fights.

Boxing betting odds will be available at sportsbooks nearly every month of the year. There will be fights in a wide variety of weight classes and for many different titles.  These different boxing betting options give gamblers around the world many chances to make money when placing a boxing bet.

Boxing betting is done on a money line basis.  This means you are wagering on one boxer against the other.  The money line boxing bet is similar to what you will find in baseball and hockey.  For example, you might have one boxer listed at -200 on the boxing betting odds board with the other boxer listed at boxing betting odds of +160.  This means you wager $200 to win $100 on the favorite or the 2-1 equivalent or you get back $160 for every $100 wagered on the underdog or the 1.6-1 equivalent.

Another boxing betting option that is offered on many fights is the round option.  You can wager on whether or not the fight goes the full number of rounds listed on the boxing betting odds.  Usually the sportsbook will put up something like 10.5 on rounds or if they are expecting a quick knockout you could see 3.5 rounds.  These round boxing betting options are just another way to enhance your wagering as you make a boxing bet.

Take a look at the various boxing options you have during each month of the year.  You will find a lot of great opportunities to make money.  There may be fights from other countries that offer you good wagering choices.  You may find good information on a fight that is not as well publicized.  These fights can be great chances to make money as you look to bet on boxing at sportsbooks this year.

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Boxing Articles

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