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Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is very popular in Great Britain, where it ranks second only to soccer betting as far as popularity and revenue generated. This European influence and popularity is why online sportsbooks offer tennis betting regularly compared to Las Vegas, which basically sticks with the major events. Placing a bet on tennis involves money lines instead of point-spreads.

An interesting phenomenon in tennis betting is that just a few select players dominate the gambling odds as you bet on tennis. The men’s side of the court has Roger Federer a heavy tennis betting favorite in every tournament he enters while the women have a top three or four that are heavy tennis betting favorites.

What this means for tennis betting fans is that the best way for a gambler to profit at tennis betting is to bet on matchups, in which the sportsbook will post money line odds on the two tennis players going against each other in a match. This is strictly a money line bet similar to what you see in baseball or hockey.

Matchups will be put up as the tournament progresses with the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final getting the most attention. Betting a player to win an event is much more difficult because of the low prices and the domination by just a few players.

Surface is the key to handicapping tennis at sportsbooks and they vary from hard courts, to grass, to clay and the different individual tennis players each play and react differently depending on what surface they are on. Tracking how player’s produce on the different surfaces is a must in tennis betting.

Injuries and fatigue can be every bit as important of factors in tennis betting as they are in betting American football and should be monitored closely when you bet on tennis. Tennis betting is an interesting option for gamblers around the world. It provides some good wagering opportunities during the year if you look to bet on tennis.

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