In-Play Betting Rules

The following rules apply for In-Play Betting:
Markets do not include overtime unless otherwise stated.

Offering: Lines are offered at the office’s discretion. We do not guarantee a line at any point in the game. All In-Play Betting wagers are to be placed exclusively online. We reserve the right to cancel wagers placed by players over the phone, unless they have been placed exclusively through the agent. In-Play lines are offered for nationally televised games on selected sports.

Score Board: Although we make every effort to ensure all In-Play information displayed is correct, information (such as score and time of game and other) is intended to be used as a guide and we assume no liability in the event that any information is incorrect.

Bet Delays: For the purposes of security and to allow bookmakers to closely monitor odds in order to avoid past-post due to transmissions delays, any bets placed on In-Play betting events are automatically delayed.  Players may experience a maximum delay of 15 seconds (plus any additional network delays) depending of the sport and the location of where the match is being played.

Past-post: If it has been proven that a bet was placed after the outcome of an event is known or after the selected participant or team has gained a material advantage (e.g. a score, etc) open and settled bets in question will be cancelled.

Line Errors: In the event where an obvious error has been identified all bets with that error will be cancelled. In the event that the format of a match differs from our implied information, we reserve the right to void any wagers.

Grading: If the outcome of a market cannot be verified officially, we reserve the right to delay the settlement until official confirmation is obtained. In the event of an incorrect settlement of markets, we reserve the right to correct them at anytime. In the event a match is not finished or played at all regularly (e.g. disqualification, interruption, withdrawal, changes in draws etc.), all undecided markets are considered void.

Automatically Accept any odds change Feature: Depending on the sport, odds may change drastically from one moment to the next. If the option to “Accept any odds change” during confirmation is turned ON, bets will be accepted at the current market odds without any warning or option to cancel the bet. Please be aware that Live betting wagers CAN NOT BE CANCELLED, and players are responsible for enabling and disabling this option at their discretion.

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