Horse Betting Rules

It is important to have a basic understanding of our horse betting rules not only in terms of fairness but all successful horse gamblers seem to know these procedures inside and out. Horse betting success can depend on it. At our racebook, Las Vegas horse betting rules govern.

For example, horses must be picked at least one minute before the race begins or all bets are off. Also, all racetrack updates will be filed within 20 minutes to an hour and accounts will be updated accordingly. Scratches without an entry will be considered a No Play on any horse betting play made.

Any wager made on an entry in any race is considered an active bet. Payoffs cannot be given until after approving a readback and therefore payoffs cannot be determined prior to the race start. Any race that is postponed or delayed for more than 12 hours will be deemed a “Non Action” and all horse betting accounts will be credited appropriately.

No wagers made after the start of the horse race will be accepted. Horse betting plays must be made prior to the race start.

SBG Global reserves the right to impose limits on an account. Nor is it permissible to create multiple accounts in order to circumvent any such imposed horse betting limits. If multiple horse betting accounts are employed, all bets will be nullified. Likewise it is also the responsibility of the individual horse betting fan to notify us if any monies have incorrectly been awarded to an account. If said winnings are credited incorrectly to a horse betting account, prior to notifying our racebook, the credits shall be nullified.

Suspended races, races run under protest, race result reversals, overturned race decisions or races where scoring has been amended shall not be recognized for horse betting purposes.

Customers must also receive a confirmation bet number from SBG in order for any horse betting play to be accepted. This confirmation number will be sent via a confirmation message that will be sent to your account.

Horse betting plays cannot be cancelled or amended in any way, once they have been accepted.

We take extraordinary pains to ensure that all information presented on the website is accurate and timely. However, errors can occur even with the greatest of scrutiny and if any pricing information or racing conditions appear on screen that are not accurate or updated, we reserve the right to rectify or amend any mistakes and settle any previously made bets at the correct price.

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