Baseball betting favorites for 2014 MVP

June 26, 2014 MLB Baseball

There are a few MLB betting favorites to win the World Series, but individual performance is also rewarded in the form of the National League and American League Most Valuable Player awards. Last year’s NL MVP Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates has good odds of repeating like his AL counterpart Miguel Cabrera did in 2012 and 2013. Cabrera himself has a good chance of pulling threepeat, but neither he nor McCutchen are in the lead at the moment. McCutchen is in fact trailing Troy Tulowitzki and Giancarlo Stanton (formerly known as Mike).

National League MVP


Troy Tulowitzki/Colorado Rockies/+300
Giancarlo Stanton/Miami Marlins/+400
Andrew McCutchen/Pittsburgh Pirates/+600
Yasiel Puig/Los Angeles Dodgers/+700
Justin Upton/Atlanta Braves/+900
Ryan Braun/Milwaukee Brewers/+1200
Carlos Gomez/Milwaukee Brewers/+1200
Chase Utley/Philadelphia Phillies/+1600
Paul Goldschmidt/Arizona Diamondbacks/+1800
Yadier Molina/St. Louis Cardinals/+2000
Freddie Freeman/Atlanta Braves/+2000
Charlie Blackmon/Colorado Rockies/+2500
Justin Morneau/Colorado Rockies/+5000

American League MVP


Mike Trout/ Los Angeles Angels/ +160
Miguel Cabrera/Detroit Tigers/+350
Josh Donaldson/Oakland Athletics/+350
Nelson Cruz/Baltimore Orioles/+700
Jose Bautista/Toronto Blue Jays/+1000
Victor Martinez/Detroit Tigers/+1200
Edwin Encarnacion/Toronto Blue Jays/+1500
Jose Abreu/Chicago White Sox/+2500
Alexei Ramirez/Chicago White Sox/+2500
Melky Cabrera/Toronto Blue Jays/+2500
Robinson Cano/Seattle Mariners/+2500
Albert Pujols/Los Angeles Angels/+3300
Masahiro Tanaka/New York Yankees/+5000

Even though Cabrera has better offensive stats which have helped his team, the Detroit Tigers, become a favorite to win the World Series, baseball betting oddsmakers favor Dodgers outfielder Mike Trout to win the AL MVP award. Will this be the year that Trout adds MVP to his list of titles, which includes Millville Meteor, Prince Fish, God’s Gift and King Fish 2.0? On the other hand, if both he and Cabrera failed to capture the honor this year -unlikely as that is- there are plenty of ballplayers of Latino descent who could take up the Mantle from the Venezuelan Cabrera, including compatriot Victor Martinez, Dominicans Nelson Cruz, Edwin Encarnacion, and Melky Cabrera (not related to Miguel), Dominican/Israeli Jose Bautista, Cubans Jose Abreu and Alexei Ramirez, and Dominican/Americans Robinson Cano and Albert Pujols. 

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