Online Wagering: Locks of the Year for College Football

June 24, 2014 Online Wagering

The season is fast approaching and online wagering fans are getting the chills in anticipation. College Football season is beginning to gather the interest of fans everywhere and with the release of this season’s schedule, we can now being to look into the games and start making some predictions.

When wagering online, make sure you look into week 1 and pick Wisconsin over LSU. Now both teams need to do some rebuilding and fill holes on their squad. But Wisconsin might have the edge in Melvin Gordon to steal the away the victory on a very close and tight game.

On week 3 there is a very interesting match up when Fresno State hosts Nebraska. The initial reaction from a rookie in online wagering would be to maybe consider Fresno State to go on top. But in this case you might want to reconsider and look into Nebraska’s chances. Mainly because Fresno’s upcoming replacements might not have adjusted as of yet by this time of the year and considering that Nebraska has shown potential in the past.

Week 5 will bring a very interesting and fun to watch game between Syracuse and Notre Dame. Having the game played in New Jersey will ensure attendance from both sides on the stands making it a electric environment. Now, initially the favorite is more likely to be Syracuse, but this is one of those instances where Notre Dame can really rise to the occasion and produce somewhat of an upset.

Another lock that might be a bit far fetched right now, but could turn into a very interested match-up is the one taking place in week 11. Auburn faces Texas A&M, and even though this game is in a really advance stage of the season, we are inclined to consider that Auburn has some steam to steal the game from Texas.

As the season progresses, lines will change and adjustments will be made. Of course these are very early predictions, and some online wagering fans like to bet almost just before kick-off, but all things considered, some of the early lines might be ver rewarding.

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