March Madness Odds and March Madness Lines

February 19th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds and betting lines at SBG Global are some of the most popular sports betting odds during the year.

Gamblers look at March Madness lines at SBG every March and can’t wait for the NCAA Tournament to begin. Let’s look at a few things to consider when wagering against March Madness betting odds.

March Madness betting lines at SBG give you a lot of chances to make money with side, total, money line, parlay and teaser options. As you look at the March Madness spread there are some things to keep in mind.

March Madness Odds Roundup

Final Four Preview of March Madness Odds

Wednesday, March 31st -March Madness odds culminate with the Final Four 2010 on Saturday and then with the national title game on Monday.

Glad to Have Duke in March Madness Odds

Wednesday, March 31st -March Madness odds for this year’s Final Four 2010 include Duke and sportsbooks are very happy about that.

Duke is the last #1 Seed Remaining

Wednesday, March 31st -March Madness odds indicated that only one #1 seed remains in the NCAA Tournament. Duke survived against Baylor in the Elite Eight and advanced to the Final Four.

Syracuse Favored in over Butler

Tuesday, March 23rd -March Madness odds favor Syracuse by 7-points on Thursday as they play Butler in the Sweet Sixteen.

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The best teams to bet in terms of seeding against the March Madness betting lines are the #12, #10 and #8 seeds.  The 12th seed is hitting 60% against the spread in March Madness betting lines.  The 10th seed is not far behind at 58% against the March Madness point spread.  The 8th seed is 57%. Favorites are not that great overall against the March Madness spread but there are always exceptions.

Favorites laying more than 14 points are 56% against the March Madness betting lines. As you move deeper into the tournament you will notice other trends. Remember that 10th seed?  They continue to do well in round #2.  They are over 70% against the March Madness odds in the second round.  The next best is the #8 seed that is over 68% against the March Madness betting lines in the second round.

These are a few trends to keep in mind as you look at March Madness betting lines at SBG. As the tournament gets into the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight and Final Four look for favorites in March Madness Odds to do better.  The cream rises to the top and the pretenders are no longer around.

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