Don’t Forget the NIT in March Madness Odds

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds for many people are all about the NCAA Tournament.

What is sometimes forgotten in March Madness betting is that the NIT is going on.  Sometimes you can find great value in March Madness odds with the National Invitation Tournament.

March Madness odds on the NIT are different than the NCAA Tourney because home courts are a factor.  In fact, they are a huge factor. The early rounds of the NIT are played on home courts so that is something to remember as you look at March Madness odds.

Not only is the home court a big factor in the NIT, motivation is key.  There are simply teams in the NIT that don’t want to be there.  They may have been left out of the NCAA Tournament and be flat. Other teams are going to be thrilled to be there.  And when you get a motivated team at home in the NIT it can be a great bet in March Madness odds. You will need to read up on the NIT and the teams involved so you know who wants to be there and who doesn’t as you look at March Madness betting.

With NIT games in March Madness odds you are going to find a lot of teams from lesser known conferences.  You have some of these in the NCAA Tournament as well but you are loaded with them in the NIT.  The NIT at times can have teams like Oral Roberts and Appalachian State playing on the road. Those are sometimes the teams you want to take on the road since they are motivated to play. Normally with the NIT in March Madness betting you take the home teams or you don’t play the game.

The NIT is also a made for TV event and the NIT makes no bones about picking and choosing the matchups. They simply favor the big name teams and give them the breaks. It is not fair, but the NIT has never said it was.  The marquee teams are going to have an easier route to get to the title game. So if a big name team that struggled a bit in the regular season is in the NIT you may want to watch them in March Madness odds.

Don’t forget the NIT as you look at March Madness betting.  There are a lot of great games to consider and some excellent chances to make money.

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