Picking Final Four Teams in March Madness

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds will lead you through the tournament to the Final Four.

You ultimately will want to pick the Final Four teams if you are picking a bracket in March Madness betting. How do you go about selecting the best teams?

March Madness odds are not going to have you pick a perfect bracket but you can pick some Final Four teams.  What things should you look for in a Final Four team?  Since the tournament expanded to 64 teams, only five teams lower than six have made it to the Final Four.  It was eighth seeded Villanova in 1985, 11th seeded LSU in 1986, eight seeds Wisconsin and North Carolina in 2000, and 11th seeded George Mason in 2006.

You could just take all of the #1 seeds and hope they make the Final Four but you are not likely to pick all four teams that way. In fact, only once have all four #1 seeds made it in March Madness odds and that was two years ago so it is highly unlikely it happens again in the near future.

March Madness odds have less than two top seeds making the Final Four on average. In the 25 tourneys with 64 teams, 44 of the 100 Final Four teams have been top seeds.  The key is to choose the right top seeds and the other teams that will find there way in. Let’s break it down a little further to increase your chances in March Madness odds.  In the last 25 years there have been 100 Final Four teams.  There have been 44 top seeds, 22 two seeds, 13 three seeds and nine four seeds.  It really drops after that with only four five seeds, three six seeds, three eight seeds and two number 11 seeds.

What that tells you when selecting Final Four teams is that you can look at the top four seeds from each region and go from there. That gives you just 16 teams to consider.  You can choose a team like Kansas and then you have just three spots to fill in March Madness betting. You might be able to eliminate some low scoring teams that simply can’t score enough points to make it.  You may not like a particular #1 seed like Duke so you throw them out. You can do that all the way through the 16 teams you are considering. It makes your likelihood of finding the four Final Four teams a lot better than if you just start with 64 teams.

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