Finding the Upsets in 2010 March Madness Odds

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds will have a lot of upsets. The key is finding those upsets as you make your March Madness betting wagers.

What things should you consider when picking upsets?

March Madness odds have not seen a lot of upsets in recent years.  That is likely to change in 2010.  Three years ago there were almost no upsets in March Madness odds.  Two years ago all four #1 seeds reached the Final Four and last year there were not that many. Get ready for a ton of upsets in 2010.  It just makes sense that the tournament is due to have a lot of upsets and as you look at the college basketball landscape you can see it coming.

So how do you find the upsets in March Madness odds.  Keep in mind that not every game between seeds is an upset.  The nine seeds actually have a better record than the eight seeds in their matchup.  There are going to be #10 vs. #7 games this season where a win by the number ten seed is not a surprise.

What you want when looking for an upset in March Madness odds is a team that has been in the NCAA Tournament before. And this year you are going to get a lot of teams that fit into that category. You will have teams like Siena, Cornell and Northern Iowa that are underdogs. Each of them has been in the NCAA Tournament before and they are veteran teams with a real chance to win. You don’t want to be picking a newcomer into the NCAA Tournament and hoping they can cover in March Madness betting.  You are far better off picking a team with experience.

You may also want to consider some teams that really played well down the stretch but are not among the top teams in the country.  A team like Butler could be a team that pulls off an upset in the later rounds. They come into this year’s tourney having won 20 in a row.  Red-hot teams are always worth considering when they are getting points. Butler will be favored in their first game and probably their second but they may be a dog in the Sweet Sixteen.

Underdogs have not been as profitable in recent tournaments but you can almost bank that is going to change in 2010.

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