Statistics Matter in March Madness Odds

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds are made by the linemaker based on a lot of statistics.

If the oddsmakers are looking at the statistics when they make the line it would make sense that you should consider them when you are making March Madness betting wagers.

March Madness odds will give you a lot of statistics to consider and some are more important than others.  One stat that oftentimes gets overlooked is the strength of schedule.  When you are looking at March Madness odds you are going to have teams that have rarely played each other and from different conferences. Some teams play very strong schedules during the season and are well prepared for the tournament while others haven’t played anyone. The strength of schedule stat is a very important handicapping factor that you need to take a look at.  It is not one that is in every matchup so you may have to do some research but it can be found.

Another stat that you can look at is the record of the coaches in March Madness. The best coaches continue to win year after year in the NCAA Tournament and you really want to look at their records when you are betting March Madness odds.  Not many people look at the coaches so that is a stat that can help you.

Keep in mind that the oddsmaker usually knows what he is going when the lines come out. In the NCAA Tournament it is a bit different because you have teams seeded throughout the event. They are seeded by the NCAA though and not by the oddsmakers.  You would think that lower seeds would be favored over higher seeds but it doesn’t always happen.  You may find some rare occasions where the higher seed is favored.  In those instances you probably want to go with the oddsmaker and go against the seeds.  The sportsbooks usually don’t make mistakes.  In a battle between the NCAA and the oddsmakers when it comes to respect, you are better off trusting those that make odds for a living.

March Madness odds are very popular.  There are a lot of stats to consider and some of them can be helpful.  Everyone loves betting the NCAA Tournament and everyone definitely likes winning money.  Examining some of the stats in March Madness betting can lead you to some winners in this year’s tournament.

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