Arena Football Betting

     Arena football betting will not be on the board at the online sportsbook in 2009 as the league suspended the 2009 season. The league is trying to figure out a way to play again in 2010 but the chances of Arena football odds being on the board look remote.

"Every owner in the AFL is strongly committed to the League, the game, and, most importantly, the fans," said Arena football League acting commissioner Ed Policy, "Owners, however, recognize that, especially in light of the current unprecedented economic climate, the AFL, as a business enterprise, needs to be restructured if it is to continue to provide its unique brand of this affordable, fan-friendly sport."

Columbus Destroyer's co-owner Jim Renacci is overseeing the restructuring process. "Ownership truly appreciates acting commissioner Policy's steady hand and stewardship in what has been a challenging time for the AFL," said Renacci. "Our owners will work in conjunction with Policy to develop a plan that ensures the future of the AFL."

While the official statements from the league are positive, the reality of the situation is that Arena football betting may never return.  Jon Bon Jovi, co-owner of the Philadelphia Soul has said the chances of the league returning are 50-50.  And those Arena football odds may be overly optimistic.

"We, the owners of the Arena football league, realize we have the most fan-friendly, affordable and accessible sport anywhere," said Bon Jovi, "These are trying economic times. The revamping will ensure that the AFL continues to provide value to its fans and not only survives but thrives in the years to come." Philadelphia was the last champion of Arena football betting.  They played the San Jose Sabercats in the finale of Arena football betting in 2008.

Arena football betting may have gone under the radar at the sportsbook but it has been around a long time.  Arena football odds have been on the sportsbook board for 22 years, the second-longest amount of time of any U.S. pro football league. "Although it is disappointing to suspend the 2009 season, the Arena Football League and its owners feel it is essential to reevaluate the current business model to ensure the livelihood of the AFL in the future," said John Elway, co-owner of the Colorado Crush.

Arena football betting will be missed by those gamblers who love betting on all forms of football at the online sportsbook.  Arena football odds had gained a nice following with gamblers around the world who liked to watch the games and wager on Arena football betting at the sportsbook.

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