Arena Bowl XXXI Betting Odds

Arena Football Betting Faves to Win Arena Bowl XXXI

September 29th, 2017 Arena Football

The Arena Football League consists of, up to the 2017 season, just five teams, so a case could be made that their all arena football betting favorites to win the Arena Bowl XXXI – which trophy is not, sadly, a bowl full of sand (just a little something for people who like to bet on arena football and who also happen to be bilingual). However, the Philadelphia Souls rightfully, as a three-time champion – winning the last two Arena Bowls back-to-back – and the active team with the second-most championships won, behind the Tampa Bay Storm.

Philadelphia Soul

The Soul defended their Arena Bowl XXX title, which they won by defeating the Arizona Rattlers (currently of the Indoor Football League), when they beat the Storm 44-40 on August 26th at Wells Fargo Center, rallying from a 20-7 deficit and, in the process, recording the largest comeback in the championship game. Philly’s depth was reflected on the fact that, out of 21 selections for First and Second Team All-Arena, 12 Soul players were named, including Mykel Benson, Darius Reynolds, and Wayne Tribue.

Tampa Bay Storm

The Storm failed in their attempt to become the most-winning Arena Bowl team in the history of the league, but, as they say, there is always next year, and, with the Detroit Drive (aka Massachusetts Marauders) and San Jose SaberCats both defunct, and the Rattlers, as mentioned, gone to greener (?) pastures, and the Soul at three, they still have a pretty good chance of achieving arena football betting supremacy. The Storm will, in hopes of finding that hidden nugget, hold a one-day tryout open to interested players on November 19th.

Cleveland Gladiators

The Glads continue the rule, of which the Cavs are that rule, that all teams from Cleveland in particular and Ohio in general must be letdowns. The Gladiators finished the 2017 season with a 5-9 record which, in a five-team league, is still good enough for third place. Cleveland, however, lost 59-73 to the Storm in the playoffs semifinals. Thus, kicker Drew Basil went back to real estate, Collin Taylor to bartending, and so on and so forth. NFL team owners should take their players to watch AFL games, just so they can appreciate what they have.

Baltimore Brigade

The Brigade finished 4-10, losing their last five straight games, including their semifinals date with the Soul. Baltimore was, as a matter of fact, one of three (once again, out of a grand total of five) that won fewer than 40% of their games. Also, at one point the Brigade announced they had clinched an early playoff berth, only to be told by the league to hold their horses because someone misunderstood the tie-breaking rules.

Washington Valor

They discretion is the better part of valor, and perhaps the Valor wanted to be discreet, not draw attention to itself, keep a low profile, but in a league where only one team is left out of the postseason, Washington stuck out like a sore thumb, which, for their arena football betting fans, is what watching their games must’ve felt like.

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