2018 AFL Offseason News for Sportsbook Players

2018 AFL Offseason News for Sportsbook Players

November 9th, 2018 Arena Football, Sports Betting

The 2018 AFL betting online offseason is in full effect. Naturally, there are a ton of news and dates to stay informed about as well anxiously await the start of next year’s action. To keep AFL sports betting fans up to date, we’ve assembled this guide to help you stay up to date with all the 2018 AFL offseason news. There are a few news stories to cover as well as a flurry of dates that can help you make the most of the upcoming betting season. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

2018 AFL Offseason News

Before we take a look at the bigger news stories from this year’s offseason cycle, let’s refresh some of the more important upcoming dates. These dates will cover club list requirements, NAB AFL Trade Period and the NAB AFL Draft Process.

Friday, Nov. 9thList Lodgment (2); TPP Preseason Estimates (2)

Saturday, Nov. 10thAFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (2) Begins

Friday, Nov. 16thNAB AFL Trade Period Finishes (only for of selections), AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (2) finishes, Delisted Primary List Draft Nomination Form Lodgment; Non–Retained Rookie Players Draft Nomination Form Lodgment; Players Not Registered or Played for Three years Rookie List Form Lodgment; New or Expired (after 3 years) Draft Nomination Form Lodgment, AFL Father-Son Bidding Nominations, Final Draft Nomination Form Lodgment.

Monday, Nov. 19thFull Port Adelaide squad begins preseason training

Thursday, Nov. 22ndNAB AFL Draft Selection Meeting (1st Round), Marvel Stadium

Friday, Nov. 23rdNAB AFL Draft Selection Meeting (2nd Round), AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (3), AFL Club List Lodgment (3), NAB AFL Preseason Draft Selection Meeting & NAB AFL Rookie Draft Selection Meeting

Tuesdays, Nov. 27thFinal AFL Club List Lodgment, Final TPP Preseason Estimates

The above listed dates should help you understand how the rest of November will go down, all things AFL related. Below we’ll be covering some of the more intriguing news stories that have emerged so far. Take a look.

Lions Prepare for Draft by Cutting Vets

To help open up room for the upcoming NAB AFL Draft, Brisbane has decided to remove veteran Ryan Bastinac as well as Jacob Allison, who isn’t that old all things considered. However, the Lions have already verbally committed to re-selecting both of these players at the Rookie Draft. This quick thinking decision has left Brisbane with space on its primary list. Specifically, they now have all 5 of its available selections at the national draft. The Bastinac had a strong 2017 but failed to get the job done in the postseason. Now they’ll be looking to pick up some talent in the draft to help get them that extra mile.

Sydney Swans Wasting Draft Picks?

Interestingly enough, the Sydney Swans have announced that they plan on re-drafting Kurt Tippett in the upcoming rookie draft. However, Tippett has already told the press that he has zero intention of returning to play in the AFL. This is because Tippett retired in January due to injuries that just wouldn’t go away. Apparently the club is looking to delist the star and rookie him in order to reach a ‘financial settlement’.

“In keeping with AFL rules and regulations, it is the club’s intention to re-draft Tippett in the upcoming AFL Rookie Draft so that the club can fulfill the terms of an agreed settlement,” the Swans’ statement read.

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