Arena Football Offers Excitement and Opportunity

Arena Football Offers Excitement and Opportunity

September 6th, 2018 Arena Football, Sportsbook

While it will never rank with the National Football League in popularity the Arena Football league has a hard core following.  In fact, for many its cult status is part of the appeal.  Likewise, the Arena Football League has downsized in recent years.  Just four teams took the field for 2018.  Once upon a time it had several divisions and over 20 teams.  Such as there are fewer teams Arena football handicapping research is far less time consuming than other sports.  Subsequently this appeals to many gamblers not having time to do homework on 30 or more teams.

Great Entertainment Value

Starting with high scoring games and fast paced action the Arena Football League has great entertainment value.  Supplementing that is the speed of pace and its players.  Also important is that some eventual NFL stars began their career in the AFL.  For example, record setting quarterback Kurt Warner cut his teeth in the Arena league for the Iowa Barnstormers.  It follows that the pass-oriented league helped prepare him for a Super Bowl winning career.

Smaller Field filled with Action

The first online sportsbook factor to consider is the smaller field and number of players.  The field is simply artificial turf that is placed over a hockey rink configuration.  Following that are smaller and more athletic players.  As a result of Arena Football League games being heavy on passing quicker players are required. Balanced against that is larger players are not nearly as important.  Definitely there is less stuffing of the line in the AFL.  Even though in short yardage a pass play is still the preferred play call.  Such as tight spacing creates more turnovers too.

Scoring Volume

A clear difference between Arena football and the NFL is scoring volume.  On the contrary AFL games are much more like basketball.  To illuminate teams will often rally for large deficits to win.  Compared to most sports no lead is safe.  Not withstanding this are gamblers looking for over under action.  While the knee jerk reaction is to bet the games over keep in mind oddsmakers know this.  Moreover a few “undertakers” have made profits betting AFL games to not clear the number.  Contrarily smart players know that some AFL totals are way too high.

Same Gambling Fundamentals

As a matter of fact, Arena football has many of the same factors as more popular sports.  Specifically, the betting public is thinking high scoring games are the norm.  Along the same lines the oddsmakers are constantly evaluating public thought.  And as always, the line is set based on that knowledge.  Despite the fact that most AFL games are shootouts the board prices are built in for that.  In brief gambling fundamentals remain the same as ever.

Great Value Opportunities

Fashion that value trumps all factors when it comes to sports betting.  On the whole it doesn’t matter what sport you wager on.  On the contrary Arena Football offers the opportunity to find great value.  At the onset a quick study can easily be done with so few teams.  Comparable to other sports expertise can quickly be achieved.  It follows that sharps will also monitor line moves and public betting.

So Much to Offer

Indeed, Arena Football League action has much to offer.  More emphatically the excitement is off the charts.  Many sports would love to be able to offer the thrills of the Arena Football League.  In like manner gamblers often fall in love with this sport with their first bet!

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