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The Arena Football League may not be as hot as other professional sports leagues but it’s one that has its devoted legion of fans. Today the Arena Football League has a number of teams around the United States and plenty of fast-paced action to go with it. It may not be as popular as other football leagues but it’s a great option to check out when you are waiting for the main football season to come to a start.

Today you can consider betting on Arena Football League games. These are games that are different from traditional football, what with them having smaller fields, but there are plenty of good reasons why betting on such games can be interesting and fun for you to try out.

No Lead Is Safe

A great part of AFL games is that they can be very fluid in terms of what happens. It only takes a few minutes for a twenty-point lead to be eliminated, for instance. This means that there’s no real way how a player could be out of the competition. This is especially thrilling considering how the tight space allows for more turnovers to occur in some instances.

How Many Points?

It is not unusual to get AFL games with 120 or more combined points. This makes the over/under bets for AFL games more fun to bet on. It can be done as a means of choosing if a game is going to have lots of offense or if it’s going to be a tighter game with plenty of defensive control. The design of the AFL field and the unique rules for the game, not to mention the narrower goal posts, makes placing over/under bets all the more entertaining.

A Little Preparation For the Football Season

You can also use the AFL season as a means of preparing your betting strategies for the college and NFL gambling seasons. This can work by allowing you to take a look at how you can get different parlays and teasers out while comparing different odds to determine what you can get out of particular exotic bets. You can use this with smaller amounts of money if desired too.

Arena football bettering is certainly something to think about when at a sportsbook. Try this out and you will not only have some fun but you will also see what it is about the AFL that makes it outstanding and fun to watch while waiting on the main football season to start.

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Arena Football Articles

Who’s Going After Arena Bowl XXVIII?

December 10th, 2019 Arena Football

San Jose SaberCats football arenaThe conference championships to determine who will compete in Arena Bowl XXVIII have been set. On August 22, the Arizona Rattlers and San Jose SaberCats will compete in the National Conference title game while the Philadelphia Soul and Jacksonville Sharks will compete in the American Conference match on August 23. The Arena Bowl XXVIII game will be held on August 29.

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A Quick Look At the 2015 San Jose SaberCats

December 18th, 2019 Arena Football

San Jose Sabercats lining up for football playThe San Jose SaberCats became the first team in the 2015 Arena Football season to have reached a spot in the AFL playoffs. The team reached a 12-1 record while also not only scoring more points than anyone else in the league but also being the only team to have given up less than 500 points. This is all still with plenty of time left to go in the regular season.

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What Happened To the Three Former AFL Teams of 2014?

January 2nd, 2020 Arena Football

football players lined up at line of scrimmageThere are three teams that ended up getting out of the Arena Football League before the 2015 season. One of them left for another league while the other two have dissolved.

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How Did ArenaBowl XXVII Go Down?

January 8th, 2020 Arena Football

How Did ArenaBowl XXVII Go Down?The Cleveland Gladiators hosted the Arizona Rattlers in ArenaBowl XXVII to end the 2014 Arena Football League season. The Rattlers were 3/1 favorites to win the game at the start of the season while the Gladiators had 20/1 odds at the start. Meanwhile, the game ended up having pick-em odds with -110 payouts for either team to win the game.

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What Will the Las Vegas Outlaws Look Like For AFL Betting

January 14th, 2020 Arena Football

What Will the Las Vegas Outlaws Look Like For AFL BettingA new team has gotten into the Arena Football League betting circle. Naturally, this team happens to be one that comes from a city where betting is a big habit among so many people. This new team is the Las Vegas Outlaws.

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How the Cleveland Gladiators Turned It Around In 2014

January 15th, 2020 Arena Football

football cheerleaderThe Cleveland Gladiators did not do all that well in the 2013 AFL season. The Gladiators only went 4-14 during that season. The team also had 20/1 odds to win ArenaBowl XXVII as well. However, the Gladiators took those 20/1 odds and ran off all the way to the ArenaBowl. Still, the team was unable to finish the job with a title for the year.

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