Summer Means Arena Football Betting Odds at SBG

Summer Means Arena Football Betting Odds at SBG Global

February 19th, 2019 Arena Football, Sportsbook

At the beginning of its existence Arena Football captured the imagination of fans and gamblers.  To complement the National Football League, Arena Football was seen as a viable alternative. For much of the 1990’s there was considerable betting action with the Arena Football odds. From 1987 through 1999 Arena Football was associated with tremendous growth and innovation.  So too was the Arena Football League credited with being fast paced, exciting and fan friendly.


Respect for the league peaked in 2000 when Kurt Warner won a Super Bowl with the Rams.  By reason of his start in Arena football did the league became associated as a path to the NFL.  Following such success and a national TV contract did Arena Football rapidly expand.  As did betting action with the Arena Football betting odds.  But since the Great Recession of 2008 Arena Football has declined.  As a matter of fact, they cancelled the  2009 season.  Bankruptcy became a word most associated with the Arena Football League.


In view of their financial problems and loss of credibility did the Arena Football League relaunch in 2010.  The results have been mixed.  Furthermore, the league went through a painful contraction from 2015 through 2017.  To this end the Arena Football League shrank to just four teams for the 2018 season. Albany, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington were the lone survivors.   However, the worst looks to be over.  Atlantic City and Columbus are expansion teams for 2019.  And Cleveland is on hiatus with the potential to return.

Mapping out the Arena Football League

The 2019 Arena Football League season is being mapped out regardless of past problems .  More emphatically a 12-game regular season with one bye week per team is planned.  The top four teams in the standings will make the playoffs.  Supplementing that is the Arena Bowl will be hosted by the surviving franchise that had the highest attendance figures.

Plan and Path

More important of all Arena Football has a plan and path back to the forefront of American sports.  Initially during its peak, it was a highly popular form of sportsbook wagering.  Gamblers would bet sides, totals, parlays, halves, money lines and parlays.  Compared to many other sports Arena Football drew a significant amount of wagering activity.  Therefore, we can tap into the proven appetite for the league and all it has to offer.

High Scoring Games

As an illustration as to what made betting on Arena Football betting odds so popular are its high scoring games.  People love offense and the AFL delivered the goods.  This is where live betting could help restore the sport’s popularity.  In contrast to other sports there is a video game aspect to Arena Football that many will find perfectly suited for live betting.  Live betting is one of the most important aspects of any sportsbook. A natural fit for sportsbooks is the wild scoring and lead changes of the AFL.

Arena Football A League Full of Surprises

In view of its offensive nature Arena Football offers games in which no lead is safe.  Following that is the ability of almost any team to come back from large deficits.  And come back in a short amount of time.

Intimate Setting

Played on a modified football field placed on a hockey rink, Arena Football also offers an intimate setting.  To be exact fans can enjoy the contact of football and hockey close up!

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