NASCAR Betting

NASCAR betting continues to grow in popularity, especially in the United States.

With the growth of NASCAR comes the growth of NASCAR betting and sportsbooks around the world are getting more involved putting up NASCAR bet options on every race.

NASCAR betting means you have to be ready for a lot of volatility.  When you place a NASCAR bet a lot of luck is involved.  Your driver has to stay out of trouble and also be good enough to win the race.

NASCAR betting gives players a few different options.  NASCAR betting starts first with betting on who will win the race.  Sportsbooks offer odds on each driver that range anywhere from 5-1 all the way up to 100-1 or more.  The NASCAR bet odds vary depending upon the racetrack and how each driver performs leading up to the race.  Odds are adjusted after the drivers practice and qualify for each race. 

Usually one practice is held Friday afternoon, they then qualify, and then two practices are held Saturday.  NASCAR betting odds are adjusted mainly after the drivers qualify for starting position.  Qualifying is held to determine where each driver will start the race.  A good or bad qualifying effort can greatly affect the NASCAR betting odds for each driver winning the race.  Since it is difficult to win a race you really should get double-digit odds on the driver you bet to win but that can be difficult if you bet on one of the leading drivers like Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon.

The next NASCAR betting option offered by the sportsbooks is individual matchups.  Each week matchups are put up listing one driver against another.  Usually sportsbooks will offer anywhere from 5 to 10 matchups for each race.  They are adjusted just like the race odds, after qualifying although some sportsbooks wait until after qualifying to post the matchups.  The NASCAR betting matchups are a great way to bet the race since you all you are worried about is your driver finishing ahead of the other driver in the matchup.  Some other bets that are listed for NASCAR betting are number of cautions for the race, number of leaders, winning car manufacturer, winning car number, etc.  You have a number of great choices to consider each week as you make your NASCAR bet.