Nascar Betting on Dover 400 at SBG Global

There are of course the events held at the monster super speedways like Daytona and the betting NASCAR odds events at the locales like the teacup sized Bristol track.

And then there are the mid-sized tracks like the 1-mile track at Dover which hosts the upcoming Dover 400 betting NASCAR event. Betting NASCAR fans seem to thrive on variety and coming off the heels of the Coca Cola 600 marathon the Dover 400 is certainly a nice betting NASCAR odds change up. The Dover Delaware track is a classic design and one of the signature locales in betting NASCAR.

At a perfect one mile in length and almost perfectly symmetrical there are no secrets to this betting NASCAR venue. With everything laid out in front of each betting NASCAR betting driver it’s simply a matter of driving. Dover is one of the rare tracks in betting NASCAR odds where specialists don’t run well.

There are the short-track artists and the super-speedway drivers in betting NASCAR which generally do well on the different tracks, but Dover is neither a short track nor a super speedway and many betting NASCAR drivers simply can’t adjust to its somewhat atypical dimensions. And it’s perhaps for this reason that a different betting NASCAR driver seems to win here every year. And it’s not always the big name betting NASCAR driver that fans might expect.

Over the last eight years Dover is one of the rare betting NASCAR odds events that has not had a repeat winner. For whatever reason, no driver has been able to bottle the magic here when it comes to betting NASCAR. The four most recent winners of the betting NASCAR event in chronological order are: Martin Truex Jr., Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth and Jeff Burton. Neither of these drivers is having an outstanding betting NASCAR season this far, but a win at Dover might put one of them back in the hunt.

But the only real certainly at this betting NASCAR event is uncertainty and in 2008 there is likely to be a new name added to the winners list.