Long Term NASCAR Betting at SBG Global

NASCAR betting gamblers expecting to get rich quick may as well save their money for a lottery ticket or the Megabucks machine at Nevada casinos.

The get rich quick mentality in NASCAR betting is for those gamblers that like betting a driver to win at 100-1 odds and other unlikely NASCAR betting options.

NASCAR betting players that make money realize that betting NASCAR racing is a grind, a percentage endeavor with small edges that take a lot of time, effort and effective handicapping to uncover and exploit.  The universally accepted success margin for a professional gambler is 57 percent.  Professional gamblers are considered a success when they grind out that type of winning percentage.  NASCAR betting players that can reach the sixty percent percentile are very rare. These are the true obstacles, numbers and percentages that a NASCAR betting player is up against. 

NASCAR betting, like life itself, is full of ironies and one of the most profound of all ironies is that players looking for the quick score are likely to only expedite the demise and destruction of their bankrolls.   The NASCAR betting odds are simply stacked far too steep against gamblers looking for quick, easy and plentiful profit money and geometrically expanding bankrolls.  Quick and easy rarely works when betting NASCAR racing.

The long-term mentality necessary when betting NASCAR racing is no different from the best stock investors and their mentalities. Investors that go for the most volatile stocks and quick scores nearly always end up broke but those investors looking for solid and steady growth are the ones with large bank accounts as time passes on. You must remember that when betting NASCAR racing.

Let's look at a NASCAR betting player with a bankroll of $2200.  If he goes 12-8 on his picks and played each for $110, which is right at the sixty percent mark, he will have enjoyed a 15% return on his NASCAR betting. And he kept those wagers at 5% of his overall bankroll. Any stock investor would be very happy over such a return and waste no time buying such a stock that produced such returns on his money.  This is the type of mentality that is needed and what a successful NASCAR betting gambler must have if he is to make any real money when betting NASCAR racing.