NASCAR Betting Could Include Nelson Piquet Jr.

NASCAR betting in 2010 could include yet another Formula One driver as Nelson Piquet Jr. has said he will be moving from F1 to NASCAR.

Piquet has been in the news more for his role in helping Fernando Alonso win a race in 2008 than anything else.  He may not be in the main series this year in NASCAR but he should be on the board for the Truck Series for those betting NASCAR racing.

NASCAR betting is expected to have Piquet in the Camping World Truck Series since Piquet tested for Red Horse Racing in October.  If he does hit the board in NASCAR betting he would be the third Formula One driver to try out NASCAR.  Juan Pablo Montoya and Scott Speed compete in the Sprint Cup Series now and they can hit the board in NASCAR betting.  Others like Jacques Villeneuve also drove in some NASCAR betting events.  In August of last year, Piquet was let go by Renault for his poor performances. Piquet accused Renault of telling him to purposely crash at the Singapore Grand Prix back in 2008 to let Alonso win.

Piquet is not the only driver from another series to be on the NASCAR betting odds board.  Danica Patrick is going to race this season in the Nationwide Series so she will be on the NASCAR betting board.  She is also going to keep her IndyCar ride.  Patrick Carpentier is another driver who has been in NASCAR betting odds recently.  He competed in six Cup races last NASCAR betting season and has raced in 33 Cup races in his career.  Those betting NASCAR racing may remember that he was released by Gillett Evernham Motorsports at the end of 2008. He has ridden for Tommy Baldwin Racing and Michael Waltrip Racing in the past as NASCAR betting stats showed. “The first year, it’s so much to learn and there are so many things [to learn], it’s very difficult to take it slowly,” Carpentier said, “Last year, for the races I did, was a lot of fun.”  Carpentier did not have a lot of success and wasn’t followed much by those betting NASCAR racing but the driver is not giving up.  “Honestly, what I’m looking for right now is a team that wants to build, wants to grow and wants to do the full races,” Carpentier said.

There will be some drivers in NASCAR betting from other series and they could make a mark and win for those betting NASCAR racing. Piquet and Carpentier are just two of the bigger names.