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May 15th, 2020 UFC

UFC 86 betting matchups feature the battle for the Light Heavyweight Title between Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin.

Jackson is the defending champion and the favorite in UFC 86 odds. He has already beaten fighter like Chuck Liddell. Griffin is the upcoming star looking to make his mark in UFC 86 betting. Let’s look at information you need as you get ready for UFC 86.UFC 86 betting will be highlighted by Jackson vs. Griffin but that is not the only match on the card. Josh Koscheck is looking to get a title shot in the near future and will attract UFC 86 betting interest. Koscheck is a heavy favorite against Chris Lytle in his match.

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UFC 86 betting is very exciting and pretty easy to understand. The UFC 86 odds you see are based on money lines. For example, in the Jackson-Griffin bout the UFC 86 odds would look like this:

Quinton Jackson -260
Forrest Griffin +220

In this UFC 86 betting example you would risk $260 to win $100 on Jackson or the 2.6-1 equivalent. If you liked Griffin in UFC 86 odds you would get $220 for every $100 wagered if Griffin won the bout or the 2.2-1 equivalent. You may also have options in UFC 86 betting on whether a fighter will win by KO. These UFC 86 betting options would also be based on money lines. You might also see UFC 86 betting odds on whether a fighter would win by submission. Again, these are just like the money lines you saw on the fighters to win the bout.

Another UFC 86 betting option may be how long the fight will go. For example, in that Jackson fight the round option in UFC 86 betting might be 2.5 and you would wager over or under the 2.5 with straight money lines similar to what you see on a baseball total. These are the basic options you will see for major fights in UFC action. Remember though that some of these additional options are only available on the marquee fight, in this case the Jackson-Griffin bout.

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