Woodley Lays Down the Law

October 17th, 2019 UFC

UFC betting fans that had a premonition regarding Woodley’s upset are feeling pretty good right about now. In a stunning flash the contender was able to land a vicious right hook that send the former champion to the ground. While some sportsbook users may have seen it coming, to say that the world of UFC betting was shocked would be an understatement. The ‘Chosen One’ upsetting Lawler is impressive enough, but to do it in the fashion that he did was unimaginable. Woodley stayed true to his nature, start out fast and try to land that skull-crushing right hand.

Many expected Lawler to be more reserved, which is his usual tactic, but what was unexpected was how quickly Woodley knocked Lawler down. Up until this point Lawler’s title defends were riddled with heavy hits, proving time and time again his inhuman resilience. Apparently those fights had taken a toll on the former champ and Woodley was able to capitalize on a weary Lawler. His first hook sent him to the ground, and his second ensured Lawler wouldn’t get up. As UFC betting fans prepare for UFC 202 one thing is undisputable, Tyron Woodley is the new welterweight champion.

Woodley is now officially living the dream; he the best welterweight fighter in the world. Woodley’s performance on Saturday night speaks more about his capabilities as a fighter than words ever could. While the odds might have been an indication of how close this fight was going to be (Woodley was at +130 and Lawler was -150) no body imagined it would be over in a single round. The “Chosen One” is now the golden boy of the UFC and with a record that stands at 16 – 3 he has proven to live up to the hype. In less than two minutes Woodley knocked Lawler out and the title swapped hands. With the ‘hot potato’ that has been going with the women’s title, fans are left wondering how long Woodley will be able to defend his belt.

After winning the bout, Woodley expressed in a post-fight interview the desire to take on Nick Diaz. While it’s not surprising to see the new champion being vocal about wanting to defend, it is surprising to see him request a match so soon.

“I’ve been in this game, I’m an OG, I’ve been in for a while. I wanna make the big dough,” Woodley stated during the interview. “So if he wants to fight August with his brother, Nate Diaz, I think me and him can showdown at the event.”

Entering August Nick Diaz will be eligible for fights once more. The 32-year old had to serve an 18-month hiatus, which was reduced from a nasty five-year suspension, for testing positive after a post-bout drug test. Diaz tested positive for marijuana and received a five-year suspension because we all know just how helpful marijuana is inside the octagon. Diaz was successful in appealing his suspension and was able to reduce it to 18-months.

While Woodley sounds adamant about his desire to fight at 202, it’s unlikely that the UFC will actually schedule it. The sporting world has been waiting quite some time for the Diaz vs. McGregor rematch and it’s unlikely they’ll want anything to interfere with that bout’s publicity.  But for now UFC betting fans can dream of seeing both Diaz brothers compete within a single event.

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