UFC Betting

     UFC betting odds are easy to understand. UFC betting odds are simply money lines that have one fighter favored against another. For example, you might have one fighter at -240 and the other fighter at +200. In this UFC betting example you would risk $240 to win $100 or the 24/10 equivalent.


If you liked the underdog in this UFC betting example you would risk $100 to win $200 or the 10/20 equivalent. Gamblers that look at UFC betting odds have some things to consider. Looking at a fighter's record and his fighting style is important as you consider UFC fighting. You can find this information at one of the many UFC websites that list a fighter's record and bio.

UFC fighting involves fighters that are well conditioned and well trained. The fighters today have excellent techniques that include grappling and ground fighting. With UFC fighting you will see fighters using their fists, elbows and knees. It used to be that a fighter could get away with having just one solid technique ut no longer. Fighters must be well rounded so they can handle any fighting style. As you consider UFC betting you want to be aware of the different styles and of how they do against each other. The most popular technique used to be jiu-jitsu. It is based on a fighter gaining leverage and positional advantages to gain submission. Now many fighters uses a combination of jiu-jitsu with others forms of boxing, wrestling, etc.

As you consider UFC betting you will want to do research on the fighters and their styles. You will also want to consider the UFC betting odds. Underdogs have done fairly well in UFC betting; more so than what has been seen in boxing. It is not unusual to see a big underdog win on the UFC betting line. It is something you want to keep in mind as you look at the UFC betting odds where big favorites are common.

Here He Is, Rocks You Like an UFC Betting Hurricane

UFC on Fox 25 Betting Preview - Shane Burgos vs. Godofredo PepeyThe UFC betting card for UFC on Fox on July 22, 2017 at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York is pretty deep all the way down to the pre-preliminary bouts.

Polish Pitbull-Vanilla Gorilla & More UFC Betting Stuff

UFC Fight Night on Fox 25 Betting PreviewThe 25th UFC betting card to be broadcast on Fox just seem never-endless. So many matchups and so little time but people who bet on UFC can rest assured we will do our best.

It’s the Dana White UFC Betting Slobberknocker Week 2!

Dana White UFC BettingThe Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series UFC betting gravy train chugs along tonight giving people who bet on UFC a sneak preview of the future of the promotion.

UFC Betting Will Head to Glasgow for FN 113

113th UFC betting Fight Night Just practicing our Scottish patter ahead of Sunday when the 113th UFC betting Fight Night show will take place in Glasgow at the SSE Hydro. Fittingly there will be Scots, Welshmen, and Brits featured on the card. 

It’s Dana White’s I can’t believe it’s not UFC betting!

Bet on UFCUFC betting fans will be eagerly anticipating the premiere of Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series tonight – even though, according to FoxSports, "it was stated ahead of the (White's promoter's) license being approved that 'this is not the UFC, this is not the UFC brand.'" Instead, it will be set up as a promotion for UFC wannabes to display their mad fighting skills and hopefully be signed by the promotion one day. Unfortunately, and contrary to what the name of the show might suggest, a match with Dana White is not on the line.

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