UFC Betting

     UFC betting odds are easy to understand. UFC betting odds are simply money lines that have one fighter favored against another. For example, you might have one fighter at -240 and the other fighter at +200. In this UFC betting example you would risk $240 to win $100 or the 24/10 equivalent.


If you liked the underdog in this UFC betting example you would risk $100 to win $200 or the 10/20 equivalent. Gamblers that look at UFC betting odds have some things to consider. Looking at a fighter's record and his fighting style is important as you consider UFC fighting. You can find this information at one of the many UFC websites that list a fighter's record and bio.

UFC fighting involves fighters that are well conditioned and well trained. The fighters today have excellent techniques that include grappling and ground fighting. With UFC fighting you will see fighters using their fists, elbows and knees. It used to be that a fighter could get away with having just one solid technique ut no longer. Fighters must be well rounded so they can handle any fighting style. As you consider UFC betting you want to be aware of the different styles and of how they do against each other. The most popular technique used to be jiu-jitsu. It is based on a fighter gaining leverage and positional advantages to gain submission. Now many fighters uses a combination of jiu-jitsu with others forms of boxing, wrestling, etc.

As you consider UFC betting you will want to do research on the fighters and their styles. You will also want to consider the UFC betting odds. Underdogs have done fairly well in UFC betting; more so than what has been seen in boxing. It is not unusual to see a big underdog win on the UFC betting line. It is something you want to keep in mind as you look at the UFC betting odds where big favorites are common.

UFC Fight Night 109: The Nobel Prize of UFC Betting

UFC Fight Night 109 OddsGustafsson vs. Teixeira will be the UFC betting main event on May 28th at the Ericsson Globe Stockholm, Sweden. The main card also includes light heavyweight and welterweight matches.

The Resistible UFC Betting Force vs. the Movable Object

Resistible UFC Betting Conor McGregor and Floyd ‘Money’ MayweatherUFC betting fans thought they would be in their cold, cold graves before Conor McGregor and Floyd ‘Money' Mayweather engaged in single combat. However, the matchup that seemed nothing more than the figment of a fevered imagination actually has one foot firmly placed in reality. "The McGregor side is done; I'm starting to work on the Mayweather side now," UFC head honcho Dana White said on TNT's postgame NBA coverage on Wednesday, suggesting that either fans who bet on UFC want to see more balls, or basketball fans want to see more fights. 

The UFC Betting Misunderstanding of GSP-Michael Bisping

UFC Betting Misunderstanding of GSP-Michael BispingUFC Middleweight Champion Mike Bisping will be the UFC betting underdog when he fights Georges St-Pierre Yoel Romero for the title in a date yet to be determined. Many fans who bet on UFC were undoubtedly eagerly awaiting the return of GSP to the octagon after retiring as the welterweight champ in 2013. Not everyone was hanging on the edge of their seats, though. For instance, Deadspin called the GSP-Michael Bisping bout “dumb,” “a misguided dream,” and “mercifully dead.” Come on guys; tell us what you really think. According to the sportsball website, GSP still has the drawing power to put butts in seats – edgewise or otherwise-wise.

An UFC Betting aperitif: UFC 211 Main Card Preview

UFC 211 main card preview oddsUFC betting returns with UFC 211: Miocic vs. dos Santos 2 on Saturday, May 13th at the American Airlines Center in Dallas Texas.

Online Wagering Drama Heats up in the UFC

Online Wagering Drama Heats up in the UFCThere's no doubt that Conor McGregor was the UFC's biggest payday for 2016 and it had a lot to do with the Irishman's conflict with Stockton's own Nate Diaz. The clash between two of the loudest mouths in the UFC gave way to some of the best trash-talking of the decade, and the continual bickering built a tremendous amount of hype around their first bout and subsequent rematch. Naturally, being involved in such a titanic clash exponentially raised Nate Diaz' following and even now the UFC's bad-boy is having a hard time staying out of the online wagering limelight, despite not even having a booked event.

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