UFC 83 Betting loaded with Canadian flavor at SBG Global Sports Betting

May 15th, 2020 UFC

UFC 83 betting fans have been waiting a long time for this rematch and now the time has finally arrived.UFC welterweight champion Brian Serra will take on UFC interim welter weight champ Georges St Pierre in the headline bout of this UFC betting showdown. UFC 83 betting is officially open and fan of UFC betting should definitely not miss out on the great event that promises to be. Serra vs St. Pierre on UFC 83 Betting Franklin vs Lutter in UFC 83 Betting
bulletBisping vs McCarthy on UFC 83 Betting
bulletBig Fights at UFC 83 Betting and UFC 84

UFC 83 betting experts expect not only the headline match to draw great interest but the under card events are also chock full of great potential UFC betting as well. With many great fighters on the UFC 83 betting card there promises to be an explosive display of fighting in the ring. One unique characteristic of UFC 83 betting is the fact that since the event is to be held in Quebec Canada there will be a showcase of Canadian talent represented in UFC betting 83. Some of the great Canadian talent included Jonathan Goulet, Sam Stout, Jason Macdonald, Mark Bocek, and Kalin Barnes.

However, one Canadian fighting star that will not be on the card at UFC 83 betting is Patrick Cote. Unfortunately for UFC 83 betting fans he took a nasty tumble and will not be able to perform in the UFC 83 betting lineup as previously scheduled due to the unexpected injury. Nonetheless, for all the Canadian fighter fans out there should be more than enough Canadian fighters on display to satisfy most UFC 83 betting fans.

The UFC 83 betting event will be the first of its kind ever held in Canada and that’s a pretty big deal considering the major UFC betting history. The Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada will play host to the UFC 83 betting event and there should be little doubt that the venue can handle the event as its played host to a number of big time events over the years.

One interesting fact that many UFC 83 bettors are likely unaware of, is the fact that this event was originally scheduled as UFC 84, but due to a cancellation of the original UFC 83 betting in England, the event was renamed UFC 83 betting event and will take place on April 19, 2008. There are still several weeks for UFC betting fans to search through the betting lines, so if you haven’t made a wager yet on the UFC 83 betting event, there’s still plenty of time.

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