Chiefs Remain Decided Post-Draft Favorite to Win AFC Title

Chiefs Remain Decided Post-Draft Favorite to Win AFC Title

Following the 2024 NFL Draft, the betting perceptions did not change much. In the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs remain the favorite to win their third consecutive Lamar Hunt Trophy. Since 2019, the Chiefs have won for AFC championships. And there is no reason for gamblers to think that there will be a change in the NFL odds. As long as the Chiefs have the combination of QB Patrick Mahomes, TE Travis Kelce, and head coach Andy Reid, they’ll be a presumptive chalk. Also in the AFC championship conversation are the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals.

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Hail to the Chiefs

Namely, Patrick Mahomes is the most valuable player in the NFL whether formally declared as it or not. Mahomes is one of the few online betting assets that rivals an NBA star’s ability to take over a game. Mahomes professionalism and commitment to the team is unsurpassed in today’s NFL.

Meanwhile, Andy Reid has evolved into the most respected head coach in the NFL. “Big Red” has a true partnership with Mahomes that is based on mutual respect and preparation. When Travis Kelce got physical with Reid in February’s Super Bowl, the coach kept his cool. In turn, the Chiefs remained businesslike and eventually prevailed, with Kelce playing a bigger role in the second half.

The aging Kelce is indeed near the end of his career. Certainly, he will be rocking a gold jacket at the Pro Football Hall of Fame after he retires. While Kelce is no longer at his peak, he still ranks in the upper tier of NFL tight ends.

Also not to be overlooked, is the clutch kicking of Harrison Butker. Butker ranks with Adam Vinatieri as one of the great clutch kickers in NFL history. Butker bails the Chiefs out time and again with game-winning kicks, often at long distances.

Finally, the Chiefs have a championship mentality that no other team can match. Last year, as the regular season wound down, Kansas City was in poor form and written off as yesterday’s news. But once the playoffs began, the Chiefs found an extra gear and won their third Super Bowl in five years. No other team in the NFL can equalize the Chiefs’ mental toughness.

Jackson and Harbaugh Raven to Complete Mission

The Baltimore Ravens are the second NFL betting odds choice to the Chiefs in the AFC. Of course, Baltimore and Lamar Jackson have earned the dubious distinction of being a strong regular-season team that flops in the playoffs. Last year the Ravens got the Chiefs at home in the AFC championship game but were rendered helpless in a 17-10 loss. Still, the loss was not as close as the final score indicated. Following that playoff failure, there are two trains of thought.

First, there remain plenty of gamblers who remain convinced that the Ravens can win a Super Bowl with Lamar Jackson. These true believers see the excellent coaching of John Harbaugh and a tough style of play. In turn, a case can be made as to that being the formula for success.

On the other hand, some gamblers have thrown in the towel on the Ravens. They believe Jackson is a great regular-season QB who is incapable of playoff success.

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