Recap – 5 Surprising NFL Covers in Week 2 Betting

September 8, 2014 NFL Football

NFL game between Bills and DolphinsIn the first week of regular season, there were some surprise scores and some definite upsets to teams that their fans were looking for a spectacular season but started out with disappointment.

Seattle Seahawks Pick Up Where They Left Off by Beating Green Bay Packers

Starting with the very first regular 2014 season game on Thursday night, the reigning champion Seattle Seahawks (with opening odds at -5.5 for the game) opened the 2014 season the same as they finished last season: with a rout of the Green Bay Packers 36-16.

In the game QB Wilson was 19 of 28 for 191 yards with 2 TD’s and no interception, and RB Lynch went over 100 yards rushing for the 20th time since he started playing with the Seahawks back in 2010, and in the game averaged 5.5 yards per carry and scored two TD’s.

Packers QB Rogers was 23 of 33 for 189 yards with 1 TD and 1 interception and he was sacked three times in the game. In the Stats game the Packers had 19 first downs, 13 passing and 4 rushing with a total of 255 offensive yards, while Seattle had 25 first downs, 8 passing and 13 rushing for a total of 398 yards offensively.

Best performances for the game was in passing for QB Wilson of Seattle with 191 yards and 2 TD’s, rushing for RB Lynch of Seattle with 110 yards and 2 TD’s and receptions WR Nelson of Green Bay with 83 yards.

Next, the Seahawks, 1-0 and first in NFC West, will play the San Diego Chargers, while the Packers 0-1 who are third in NFC North play the New York Jets 1-0 and first in AFC West with both games in Week #2 Sunday the 1fourth of Sept. with the Packers favored over the Jets at -8 for the opening gambling odds.

New Orleans Saints Upset by Atlanta Falcons in OT

The New Orleans Saints – 7 opened their season as favorites over the Atlanta Falcons, then the Falcons beat the Saints in OT as Matt Bryant successfully kicked the field goal that put the game into OT and then on the fourth play of OT he kicked a 52 yard field goal to win the game 37-34. This win for the Falcons is only the fourth time they have beaten the Saints in their last 17 games.

Both QB’s in the game were aggressive as Saints QB Brees was 29 of 4 for 333 yards and 1 TD and 1 Interception while Falcons QB Ryan was 31 of 43 for a franchise record 448 yards with 3 TD’s no interceptions but was sacked 1 time.

The Saints had 30 first downs, 17 passing and 9 rushing for a total of 472 yards while the Falcons had 28 first downs, 21 passing and 6 rushing for a total of 568 yards.

The best performance of the games for passing was Falcons QB Ryan with 448 yards and 3 TD, for rushing was Saints RB Ingram with 13 rushes for 60 yards and 2 TD’s, and receptions was Falcons WR Jones with 7 receptions for 116 yards.

Next, the Atlanta Falcons, 1-0 and first in NFC South, play the Cincinnati Bengals 1-0 and first in the AFC North with the Bengals favored at -5 and the O/U at 48. The New Orleans Saints, 0-1 and third in NFC South, play the Cleveland Browns 0-1 and third in NFC North with the Saints are favored at -6 (-115) with O/U 47 ½.

Buffalo Bills Upset Chicago Bears

The Buffalo Bills were another surprise team as the beat the Chicago Bears who were favored with -7 for the game in OT 23-20 with a 38 yard run by RB Jackson that set the scene for a 27 yard field goal by Carpenter with 9:46 left in OT.

This was a good start for the Bills team that is attempting to end a 14 year drought of not making the playoffs, and the continuing controversy and uncertainty with the death of the owner and the sale of the franchise.

The Bears QB Butler was 34 of 49 for 349 yards with 2 TD’s, 2 interception and 2 sacks. At half time Chicago was behind 17-7, then in the second half the as the Bears tied the game with a Gould 37 yard field goal with 30 seconds left in regulation time. Bills QB Manuel out of FSU in his second season was 16 of 22 for 173 yards and 1 TD and 1 interception and 1 sack. Manuel led the team in OT with 7 plays that covered 69 yards and resulted in the winning field goal of 27 yards with 9:46 left in OT.

The Bears 0-1 and third in NFC North now move on to play the San Francisco 49’ers 1-0 and first in NFC West with the 49’ers favored at -7 and O/U 48. The Bills 1-0 and first in AFC East play the Miami Dolphins 1-0 and first in the AFC East with the game PK and O/U at 43.

Another Upset – New England Patriots Lose to the Miami Dolphins

The New England Patriots did not come into the game with the Miami Dolphins as huge favorites but were still favored with opening odds at -4; however the fans were expecting a big win for the Patriots as the Dolphins win the game 33-20 and was the first time the Patriots have lost a season opener since back in 2003.

New England led the game at half time 20 -10 but the second half was another thing as they were outscored 23-0 and that has not happened since back in 2008. The QB situation in the game was somewhat deceptive relating the statistics to the scores as Patriots QB Brady went 29 of 56 for 249 yards with 1 TD and was sacked 4 times. Miami QB Tannehill was 18 of 32 passes for 178 yards with 2 TD’s, 1 interception and 1 sack.

The first half of the game the Dolphins played a very sloppy game, but the coaches and players kept their posture and in the final two quarters of the game they came close to playing perfect football. Hard to believe the outscored the Patriots 23-0 in the second half and had 222offensive yards to the Patriots 67. The defense played a very important role in the second half of the game and that certainly contributed to the win.

Now the Dolphins 1-0 and first in AFC East play at the Buffalo Bills 1-0 and tied for first in AFC East with the game a PK and O/U 43. The Patriots 0-1 and fourth in AFC East play at the Minnesota Vikings 1-0 and first in NFC North with the Patriots favored at -3 (-125) and O/U 49 on opening odds, according to our sportsbook.

One More Upset – Tennessee Titans Over Kansas City Chiefs

The 5th inspiring Sunday NFL game had the Tennessee Titans playing the Kansas City Chiefs at home with the Chiefs favored in the game at -3 for opening odds and the Titans with QB Locker passed for some 266 yards and two TD’s as Tennessee beat Kansas City 26-10.

This was the first game for the Titans with the newly implemented offensive system of Whisenhunt as well as a new defensive system injected by coordinator Horton and trying to accommodate some new players in same. That new defensive system accounted for three interceptions of Chiefs QB Smith while Titans QB passed for 22 of 33 with receptions by 8 different Titans. Apparently, as the coach stated the new system is what the team has lacked in previous losing seasons.

The Chiefs had just given QB Smith a contract extension of four years and $68 million for winning and protecting the football which seemed to be lacking in this Chiefs loss. For the game Smith passed 19 of 35 for 202 yards with 1 TD and 3 interceptions and was sacked some 4 times. The Chiefs only TD came in the third quarter and the field goal in the second period accounting for the teams 10 points in the game.

The statistics for the game tell the story as the Titans had 24 first downs, 18 passing and 5 rushing for a total of 405 yards and the Chiefs made 15 first downs, 11 passing and 1 rushing for a total of 245 yards.

After this opening loss, the Chiefs 0-1 and third in AFC West, now face the Denver Broncos 1-0 and first AFC West with Broncos favored in opening odds at -13 with O/U at 51. The Titans 01 and first in the AFC South play the Dallas Cowboys 0-1 and third in AFC East and Tennessee is favored with opening odds at -4 and O/U 49.