NFL Sportsbooks: Bills vs. Dolphins

The rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins has lost some of its luster in the past few years, mainly due to the each team’s lack of recent achievements. To the incumbents though, the heat never lets up. Either way, they are scheduled to meet once again on Sunday 20th, in the first of their two seasonal meetings. Both Bills and Dolphins are coming off a two-loss spell, but NFL sportsbooks odds are betting on Buffalo to make it a three-game losing streak, which would put them at 2-5. Meanwhile, Miami is the 7.5 point favorite following a bye week that may have given it the chance to digest those defeats after a 3-0 start. 
The Bills have the surprise factor going on in the quarterback position. Problem is, that’s as much as mystery to them as it is to the Dolphins or to NFL sportsbooks bettors. It seems as if Ryan Fitzpatrick put a hex on Buffalo’s QB’s before being released by the Bills. First, EJ Manuel sprained his right knee’s lateral collateral ligament versus the Cleveland Browns, and will be out 6 to 8 weeks. Then, his replacement Thaddeus Lewis lasted only one game against the Cincinnati Bengals before suffering a foot sprain. Last minute sign-up Matt Flynn will probably get the nod over undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel. If we were Tuel though, we’d bide our time till the hex gets Flynn as well. Of course, then he’d be next. 
The Dolphins’ offense can be effective without being anything to write home about either. However, if Ryan Tannehill has a chance to really exploit Mike Wallace’s speed, then they might be on to something. Wallace was considered the top free agent by many scouts and NFL sportsbooks alike. A fruitful association between Tannehill and Wallace benefits Lamar Miller as well. That is, if cornerback extraordinaire Stephon Gilmore doesn’t have something else in mind. When the Dolphins meet head to head with the Bills it is truly a fire and ice clash. This time out, it seems that the fire will melt the ice one more time.