No Guarantees in NFL Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

There are countless examples during the season where games look like sure things versus the NFL betting lines.

The reality is they are not. There are no guarantees when it comes to NFL betting lines.

NFL odds will definitely show games that look too good to be true. The problem with these games is that they usually are. Anytime a team is supposed to do something, gamblers will look to bet this team in NFL odds. That doesn’t mean the team is going to do it though. This happens all the time in NFL betting lines. It really happens a lot late in the season as teams are trying to make the playoffs. For example, a few years ago the Buffalo Bills were home against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game that meant nothing to Pittsburgh but everything to the Bills. If Buffalo won they would make the playoffs. The Steelers played their backups but still defeated the Bills in a game that gamblers thought just had to go Buffalo’s way. There are no sure things versus NFL odds. Keep that in mind.

If something looks too easy versus the NFL betting lines, it probably is. The NFL odds makers are not stupid. They do an excellent job of setting NFL betting lines each week. That is their job and they have been doing it a very long time. Keep that in mind as you look at NFL odds. There are no easy marks in NFL odds, despite what the media and the public might say. There are no games in which a team is guaranteed to win versus NFL odds.

Gambling on NFL odds is fun and exciting and it can be profitable but there are no guarantees. Keep this in mind as you look at NFL odds this season. Anytime a game looks like a sure thing you just remember what has happened in the past. Upsets happen and teams fail in must-win situations. It happens every single season in terms of NFL odds.

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