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November 30th, 2010 Cycling Betting

In cycling there are three top races that are collectively known as the Grand Tour and one of the most important competitions in this group is the Spain Tour betting.

While not quite as well known as the Tour de France the Tour of Spain betting is every bit as challenging, if not more so. And from a technical point of view the Spain Tour betting is even more fulfilling as it features the most difficult climbing of major race in the world.

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For cycling fans eager for an encore of this year’s hugely entertaining Tour de France, Spain Tour betting is just around the corner. The Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Tour of Spain betting are the three events that make up the Grand Tour. The last race of the three, the Spain Tour betting, is the perfect way to close out the European riding season. Although immensely challenging the Spain Tour betting competition is often the most anticipated among riders as it separates the real riders from the pretenders.

The Tour de France Open winner gets all the head lines, but the Spain Tour betting winner gets all the respect of his peers. This is a favorite race of riders and Tour of Spain betting fans alike as it tests the skill and stamina of the Spain Tour betting riders like no other competition.

This year the race gets underway on August 30th. Like the other two Grand Tour events the Spain Tour betting last approximately three weeks, with the winning Spain Tour betting rider crossing the finish line in Madrid on September 21st. Like the other Grand Tour races the Spain Tour betting features two rest days on the weekends sandwiched in between some tremendous Tour of Spain betting action. The Spain Tour betting also features three time trials. One of these trials will open the Spain Tour betting action and another, as has become customary in Grand Tour events, will close the Spain Tour betting action.

In between these two Spain Tour betting time trials lies a whole lot climbing. And as always the best climber is likely to come out on top of the Tour of Spain betting and that is what makes the Spain Tour betting the most important climbing event in all of cycling.

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