Angrilu to be major stage in ’08 Vuelta a España Betting at SBG Global

Every major cycling event features a signature element and the 2008 Vuelta a España betting is no different.

But as is typical of the Vuelta a España betting the signature stage of this race is literally ‘over the top’ as the grueling Angrilu climbing stage returns to center stage of this major cycling betting event. Any fan of the Vuelta a España betting knows that the Angrilu is the most difficult climb in all of major cycling betting and could be the defining moment of this year’s Vuelta a España betting.

As is typical of the Grand Tour races, the Vuelta a España betting will extend over three weeks and feature several days of rest interspersed among the weekends. This year’s Vuelta a España betting gets underway on August 30 and extends until September 21. The Vuelta a España betting gets underway in the south of the country in Granada and meanders throughout the country until finishing in the capital city in Madrid in one of the most outstanding finishing races in cycling betting.

But before the crowded field of athletes arrives in Madrid they must first deal with the bone crushing Angrilu. Located in Asturias in the Northern part of Spain this demanding climb will be the key stage for this year’s Vuelta a España. It will also be the stage that most Vuelta a España betting fans will be tuning into see. With an average climb grade of nearly 10% this is no ant hill and will likely spell the end of many a rider’s Vuelta a España betting hopes.  The massive change in elevation alone is enough to destroy a mere mortal and the crowd of Vuelta a España betting riders will almost certainly be trimmed after this stage.

The Angrilu stage begins with a less challenging 7-8% grade but over the last half of the 12 km climb the gradient quickly reaches grades of over 20%.  This stage of the Vuelta a España betting is so steep in fact that if road is wet most support vehicles cannot make the climb. That is a ridiculous thought for most cycling betting fans, but it is the crazy realities of the Vuelta a España betting’s most difficult stage.