Toronto Argonauts Canadian Football Betting

Canadian Football betting on the Toronto Argonauts was simply a disaster in 2008.

The team made a number of off-season moves and should be vastly improved for 2009 in CFL odds. Here is a look at the 2009 Toronto Argonauts.

Canadian Football betting information shows that the Argonauts hired Bart Andrus as their head coach. He could have immediate success as Toronto made some nice off-season moves. The Argonauts added linemen Rob Murphy and Dominic Picard with the Murphy signing being a huge surprise. With those two players solidifying the offensive line it is expected that quarterback Kerry Joseph should be able to do some good things in 2009 and impact the CFL odds at the online sportsbook.

Toronto also made some nice moves on defense as Canadian Football betting information shows. They traded defensive end Riall Johnson to Winnipeg for middle linebacker Zeke Moreno. They also added linebackers Kevin Eiben and Willie Pile. In the draft they added defensive tackle Étienne Légaré. Toronto did lose some players in the off-season but it looks like Toronto should be able to replace the lost players.

The key for Toronto in Canadian Football betting in 2009 looks to be quarterback Kerry Joseph. He has to lead the offensive and play well if Toronto is going to win in CFL odds. Toronto also needs to be able to run the ball with either Jeff Johnson, or Tyler Ebel.

The defense for Toronto looks to have some questions although the linebackers look solid. The secondary is a question mark and the defensive line has holes. The defense must at least play well enough to keep them in games versus the Canadian Football betting odds in 2009 at the sportsbook.

The Eastern Division is weak and that means Toronto can make immediate improvement in Canadian Football betting. The Argos are talented enough to make some noise versus the CFL odds at the online sportsbook and get back into the playoff picture. A lot of things would have to go right but at least in the East it is possible. In Canadian Football betting a team can go from the top to the bottom quickly and vice versa. Toronto is hoping that they can rise from the disaster of 2008 and contend for a playoff spot in 2009. Improving from last year’s 4-14 straight up and 6-10-2 ATS record looks probable for Toronto in 2009.

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