Canadian Football Betting Lines and Odds

Canadian Football betting lines and odds are available from July through November at SBG Global during the CFL regular season, playoffs and Grey Cup.

Canadian Football betting is not as popular as NFL betting but the Canadian Football betting lines oftentimes present excellent value to bettors. Canadian Football betting odds will look just like other football lines.  The difference between NFL football and CFL football is not that great. That means that the same things that apply with NFL betting will also apply as you look at Canadian Football betting lines.

Oddsmakers are very aware that like the NFL, the average bettor likes to play the favorite and the home team.  That means when you first look at the Canadian Football betting odds you want to consider the underdog and possibly the road team.  You want to look at the underdog in Canadian Football betting because very often the favored team is given too much respect by the oddsmaker.  If you are going to get a line value edge that can work in your favor it is usually on the underdog in Canadian Football betting because the favorites are so popular and so heavily bet by the general public.

Another thing that affects the Canadian Football betting lines is the weather.  Canadian Football League games are known to have bad weather on occasion because they are played in Canada and during the late fall and early winter months will have more cold weather and snow.  As you look at Canadian Football betting odds late in the CFL regular season and the playoffs you want to check the weather. Also include the wind when looking at the weather because the wind is sometimes more important than rain or snow in Canadian Football betting.  The weather can be a big factor as you consider Canadian Football betting lines, especially the totals.

There is no doubt that Canadian Football betting odds provides you with some good betting opportunities.  You should not ignore those good chances because every advantage you get in sports betting is huge. When you are considering Canadian Football betting lines be sure and look at the basics but also look at each team’s website and get the inside information that the sportsbooks may not have.  Information is the one area that can be the key to your profits when looking at Canadian Football betting odds.