CFL Betting and Canadian Football Odds

Why would you want to bet on Canadian football? The main reason is that you can win a lot of money in CFL betting. Betting Canadian football can be a moneymaker for you because the CFL is not that popular. It is that lack of popularity that gives you an edge over the sportsbooks around the world. Very few people pay attention betting Canadian football and that is to your benefit when you bet the games.

For those people that follow the under the radar sports, there are many bargains to be found. If you follow the league and have all the accurate information available, Canadian football betting can be profitable.

As you look at betting Canadian football the same basic handicapping principles apply that are used for other football betting endeavors. Basic handicapping analysis for betting Canadian football will include points for, points against, yards per point, offensive and defensive league rankings, match-ups, form, trends, injuries, etc. The current form of the two teams is the most important factor when betting Canadian football.

Canadian football betting oddsmakers concentrate the most effort on the events that will provide the most action and, therefore, spend less time on sports like the CFL. The CFL playing field also is a factor and gives the sports gambler the ability to focus more attention to particular teams strengths and weaknesses.

Injuries also provide bettors with an edge when betting Canadian football since coverage in the United State is rare. News is extremely important when betting Canadian football, especially when an injury occurs. Canadian content rules can affect a team that may have to seriously change their line-up to accommodate the league Canadian player rules. Usually American players are in the higher skill positions. Usually when a team suffers an injury to a Canadian at one of the key positions and has to replace that player with a foreigner, the team then has to make up that roster spot elsewhere.

You always want to remember that current form is a very important handicapping factor for CFL betting. Those people that do bet the CFL without much knowledge of the teams and little knowledge of handicapping will more than likely bet on the favorite. You can gain value on the underdog when the situation comes up. The CFL betting season usually starts in July and presents the good football betting handicapper with definite advantages.

Hungover RedBlacks Football Betting Faves versus Als

Montreal Alouettes vs. Ottawa Redblacks - CFL Betting PreviewWe're not well versed in Canadian football betting lore. We know there is the Super Bowl hangover, but is there a Grey Cup hangover? Or a curse in which the city hosting the Grey Cup never makes it to it? Because that would explain the Ottawa RedBlacks erosion-like slow start.

Despoiled Football Betting Landscape with Argonauts

CFL Betting - Toronto Argonauts vs. Ottawa RedblacksArgonauts, RedBlacks, Tigercats, and Roughriders are ready to wreak football betting havoc this Saturday in week 3 of the Canadian Football League.

Sideways Football Betting Stories from Stamps-Bombers

Calgary Stampeders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers betting Preview - Wednesday June 5thThe Calgary Stampeders are the CFL betting favorites to defeat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Friday in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Alouettes, Gentille CFL Football Betting Alouettes

BC Lions vs. Montreal Alouettes Odds - Tuesday July 4thThis Thursday in CFL football betting, either the BC Lions (1-1) or the Montreal Alouettes (1-1) will leave with a winning record. Unless of course they tie. These two teams last faced each other on September, Friday 9th, 2016 when the Larks lost 27-38 to the Lions at BC Place with erstwhile signal-caller and current free agent Rakeem Cato under center.

Will RedBlacks and Stamps Tie the Football Betting Knot

Ottawa Redblacks and the Calgary Stampeders will meet tonight in yet another football betting rematch of the CFL Grey CupThe Ottawa Redblacks and the Calgary Stampeders will meet tonight in yet another football betting rematch of the CFL Grey Cup. For the second straight season, these two times tied in overtime on Friday. Brett Maher and Rene Paredes exchanged field goals in OT to make things even Stevens at the end of the night. Fortunately, fans who bet on CFL football won't have to wait long for these bitter rivals to have another go at each other.

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