Betting 2009 CFL Odds

CFL odds take a backseat to most other sports betting odds but they can give bettors an edge because they are not followed as closely.

Here is a look at CFL betting and some things to remember. CFL odds are way behind NFL betting odds and college football sports betting odds. CFL odds are behind all the other sports because the game is not in the United States and does not have national exposure except in Canada. Sportsbooks around the world usually post CFL odds on the games but the sport is still not followed very much. That makes CFL betting very advantageous to the bettor. With NFL betting or other types of betting it is tough to get information that the bookmaker does not already have. That is not the case with CFL betting.

As we begin to consider CFL odds let’s start by looking at some handicapping tips. The first place to go is the official site of the Canadian Football League at and look at each team’s individual web site. This can alert us to any injuries or news for each team’s upcoming games. We can also look at the previews for each week’s games and get statistics for both teams by looking at the game matchups. Just like NFL odds, we start in CFL odds by looking at home/away records, recent form, motivational situations, fundamental matchups, and weather. These factors in CFL betting are all important so we start by getting statistical data at each team’s site and look for an immediate edge. Anytime you can get information that the oddsmakers don’t have it is usually a big advantage. That is oftentimes the case when wagering on the CFL.

Another area to consider in CFL odds is line value. Bookmakers are very aware that average bettor likes to play the favorite and the home team in CFL odds. When we first look at the game we want to consider the underdog and possibly the road team in CFL odds. Another thing that affects CFL odds is the weather. Cold weather is a huge factor in the CFL because the games are in Canada in cold weather sites. Bettors have to consider the weather when wagering on CFL games, except early in the season.

CFL odds can provide us with some good betting opportunities and we should take every advantage we can get over the oddsmakers.

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