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Tito Ortiz vs. Chael Sonnen Bellator MMA Betting Odds

Chael Sonnen vs. Tito Ortiz Betting The sportsbook MMA betting odds look to be in favor of Chael Sonnen when he faces Tito Ortiz in the main event of Bellator 170 on Saturday, January 21st:
Tito Ortiz 2½ (-175) +135 
Chael Sonnen 2½ (+155) -155

Paige VanZant to Ronda Rousey: I’ll fight you halfway

Paige VanZant to Ronda RouseyUFC betting fans are salivating over the prospect of Ronda Rousey and Paige VanZant going wild on each other. In a mixed martial arts fight, that is. 12 Gauge told that bastion of journalistic integrity known as TMZ that she would be willing to fight Rowdy under one condition. And no, it’s not that Rousey introduce her to the Rock. “If she wants to meet me at 125 (pounds),” VanZant said. Unfortunately, this immediately raises one obstacle. VanZant would have to gain ten pounds, while Rousey would have to lose an equal amount of weight. Two obstacles, VanZant would have to gain ten pounds, while Rousey would have to lose an equal amount of weight, and there is no women’s fly weight division in the UFC. Three obstacles.

Ronda Rousey UFC Betting Favorite Against Nunes??

UFC 207 - Ronda Rousey UFC Betting Favorite Against NunesEven though MMA betting sportsbook fans would unanimously agree that Conor McGregor is the UFC’s biggest star, Dana White has been adamant that Ronda Rousey is the promotional company’s biggest star. Rousey doesn’t hold nearly the amount of records that McGregor does but since she was rooted for in Brazil – the headquarters of MMA according to Dana – White is 100% convinced that Rousey is the UFC’s most praised star. But most online UFC betting fans can see through this guise. White is trying his hardest to keep McGregor at bay, whose ambition knows no limits. If White publically admits that McGregor is the UFC’s biggest star then he will just have to start throwing more money at the Irishman, something no businessman will want to do. 

Conor McGregor: Don't Make Me Take My Other Belt Off

Conor McGregor: Don't Make Me Take My Other Belt OffOnline betting fans know that UFC fights often tend to be a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair – like when Conor McGregor knocked the living daylights out of Jose Aldo in 13 seconds – but the company seems to be taking a page out of WWE’s book and getting the F out – the F stands for fighting, of course. Could the day when UFC becomes UEC (Ultimate Entertainment Championship) be too far off? Probably, but just handing out title belts without actually there being a fight first is definitely a miscarriage of justice the like of which has not been seen since the Finger Poke of Doom. Like, it would have been a different story if McGregor has lost his smile, but we figure he could not wipe that grin off his face even if he wanted to.

Disheartening News For MMA Betting Fans Ahead of UFC 206

MMA Betting Fans Ahead of UFC 206One of the worst things about being an online UFC betting fan is having to contend with the emotional rollercoaster that is getting pumped about an upcoming fight only to have one of the fighters back out at the last second. That is the situation currently facing UFC sportsbook fans who were getting excited about the upcoming fight card at UFC 206. 206 marked the first major event since the historic McGregor vs. Alvarez in which the Irishman became the first fighter to wield two belts within the UFC, and it’s safe to say that 206 had some big shoes to fill. The UFC was looking to accomplish that task by scheduling a match between two of the hardest hitting fighters in the UFC; Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson. 

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