Will Betting Sportsbooks Have to Bid McGregor Goodbye?

October 2nd, 2019 UFC

Although betting sportsbooks are still reeling from all the wagers fans took for a bet on UFC 205, there is an undeniable atmosphere of uncertainty regarding the future of the dual-division champion. Conor McGregor achieved what seemed impossible this past weekend when the reigning UFC Featherweight Champion took down the then reigning UFC Lightweight Champion to become the 1st ever UFC fighter to hold two belts from two distinct weight classes. But before we even got started with 205, McGregor made it known publically that he would be announcing some very important news regarding the future of his career following the fight with Eddie Alvarez.

Although many sportsbooks fans had successfully predicted what McGregor would be announcing following his title bout, the Irishman publically confirmed that he would indeed be entering fatherhood in the upcoming year. Of course, McGregor will be having the baby with his longtime girlfriend, Dee Devlin. Even though the Irishman didn’t say he’s stepping away from the fight game, he did make it obvious that he has some serious reservations about staying with a child on the way.

“I’m crapping me jocks, I’m not gonna lie.” McGregor stated at the post-205 press conference. “I don’t know what way to take it. It’s messing with me head. I don’t want to bring a child into an act like this.”

Certainly McGregor’s comments raise concerns for betting sportsbooks. Whenever McGregor is stepping into the octagon you can be certain that there are innumerable fans taking wagers; McGregor fattens everybody’s pockets. It’s understandable why a father would be hesitant to bring his child into such a raucous, but it’s almost unimaginable to see Notorious step away during his prime.

“Where’s my share? Where’s my equity?” McGregor elaborated on his current thoughts regarding his future in the UFC. “If I’m the one who’s bringing it, they’ve got to come talk to me. A little family on the way. If you want me to come stick around, if you want me to keep doing what I’m doing, then come talk to me”
“I want what I’ve deserved, what I’ve earned”

There’s no doubt that McGregor is as loyal as they come, evident by the fact that he’s stuck with the same coach throughout his UFC career. McGregor will put his family before anything else. If he’s truly hesitant about bringing a child into ‘the Mac life’ then the UFC will have to sweeten the pot to convince the Irishman to keep doing what he’s doing. McGregor is a fighter, and he will indubitably rise to the next challenge, whatever it may be. It’s doubtful the UFC will actually offer McGregor ownership, but it might take something along those lines to convince their  biggest star to keep making the company, and betting sportsbook’s fans, a load of money.

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