UFC 84 Betting could be swan song for Tito Ortiz at SBG Global

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

UFC 84 betting fans have many things to look forward to. With a stacked UFC betting lineup there should be no lack of action once the UFC 84 betting actually begins.

But for all the UFC betting fans eagerly anticipating the UFC 84 betting event, you may want to make sure and catch the legendary Tito Ortiz’ match as it could be he last in UFC betting.

UFC 84 betting’s show case event is of course the title bout between BJ Penn and Sean Sherk, but the main attraction could very likely be Tito Ortiz vs. Lyoto Machida. From a purely technical aspect, completely discounting both men’s stature and status in the sport, there would be enough here to carry the UFC 84 betting event. But when you add in their personality and place with the sport and this becomes of the biggest events not only of the UFC 84 betting, but perhaps of the year.

Ortiz, at 34 years of age and his contract with UFC betting set to expire later this year, could very well be fighting in his last UFC event when UFC 84 betting rolls around. He will no doubt be inundated with much more lucrative offers from rival fighting leagues and most people with knowledge of such things expect that UFC 84 betting will be his last event. And a loss at UFC 84 betting would likely seal the deal. Although still perhaps the draw in UFC betting, his skills in the ring have slightly diminished in recent years and some critics aren’t quite sure what to expect when he enters the ring at the UFC 84 betting event.

His last two fights have been sloppy and he’s gone winless since October 2006. That doesn’t bode well as his UFC 84 betting opponent is the fastest rising star in the light heavyweight division and the probable champ in the very near future. Lyoto Machida has been destroying the division and if he wins his UFC 84 betting showdown he’ll likely get a shot at the title.

Machida looks to be the heavy favorite in this UFC 84 betting match up and if he does in fact defeat Ortiz, it’s all but a certainty that the UFC 84 betting event will be Ortiz’ last with UFC.

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