UFC 205 features triple main event (and Chris Weidman)

October 7th, 2019 UFC

Fans who bet on UFC should be excited that the promotion’s upcoming event UFC 205 on November 12th at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. There will be not one, not too, but three title matches, and one of them will be a champion vs. champion bout. Oh, and Chris Weidman and Yoel Romero will fight too, so there’s that. Let’s have a look-see at these match-ups, as well as the UFC betting odds for each.

Lightweight championship UFC 205 match: Eddie Alvarez – 1½ (-175) +130 vs. Conor McGregor – 1½ (+155) -150. The champion Alvarez will put the belt on the line against the Irish brawler known as Colin Farrell, err, Conor McGregor. As fans who bet on UFC are aware of, McGregor is the current featherweight champion. Few guys have been able to become two-division champions, including Randy Couture and B.J. ‘And the Bear’ Penn. McGregor promised he’s “going to retire (Alvarez).” And set him up with a nice little pension.

Welterweight Championship match: Tyron Woodley – 2½ (-130) +170 vs. Stephen Thompson – 2½ (+110) -200. Challenger Thompson has a peculiar strategy; he said he’s going to “try to Muhammad Ali” Woodley. This could mean a number of things.

Women’s Strawweight Championship match: Karolina Kowalkiewicz – 4½ (-185) +310 vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk – 4½ (+160) -370. Contrary to the name of this UFC 205 division, these two straw women are not in fact going to give the impression of refuting their opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advanced by said opponent. Fans who bet on UFC can expect these two to beat each other up with reckless abandonment and no regard for their opponent’s well-being – or even their own. To paraphrase Jedrzejczyk, she doesn’t care about being “the prettiest one.” Nor should she.

No championship match: Yoel Romero – 1½ (-220) +145 vs. Chris Weidman – 1½ (+180) -165. There are a lot of things that are worth fighting for other than a title; pride, money, honor, money, bragging rights, money. But if they really want to make it interesting, they could fight over Romero’s freestyle wrestling Olympic silver medal.

All things considered, this event will be very special for everyone involved as well as everyone watching, what with it being the first UFC event hosted in the City of New York. As a hard as it is to believe, this would have been illegal before March of this year, thanks to an antiquated law that was outdated even when it was signed 20 years ago. There was also a law requiring ducks to wear long pants, and the chief constable was supposed to get a pig every month, and two comely lasses of virtue true. UFC 7 was the only event held in the state, specifically in Buffalo, but Buffalo doesn’t count.

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