UFC 199 Undercard Match-Up Comparisons

October 24th, 2019 UFC

The main attraction for people who will bet on UFC 199 will the big championship match between Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping. But what about the other bouts in the card?

Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber. This will be the fourth time Faber steps to the plate, will he strike out again? That was only a metaphor but may they should allow him to bring a bat in. One would be hard pressed to think of any other UFC fighter who keeps getting so many title shots and has yet to become a champion. Unluckily for Faber, it just seems like he can’t win the big one, as far as UFC 199 betting is concerned. Cruz may win this one by decision. Faber is a tough nut to crack, after all. Cruz is bouncing back from an injury and is as skilled as they come, so he should be able to figure Faber out and outpoint him.

Max Holloway vs. Ricardo Lamas. These two guys are very hungry, and not as in the condition in which people are not able to meet their basic nutritional needs for long periods of time. They hunger for a championship match, and you don’t get those by impressing judges into awarding you points. You get those by beating your opponent like he owes you money. Holloway has won 8 fights since losing to McGregor a triad of years ago. OTOH, Lamas is so tough not even Jose Aldo could finish him – are we sure this is Ricardo and not Lorenzo Lamas we’re talking about? Lamas might eventually ground Holloway and make him say uncle in the third. Conversely, Holloway might get the decision. Lamas has good takedowns but Holloway is not easy to take down and is tough to put away, but Holloway could get the job done. And it’s a nice job if you can get it.

Dan Henderson vs. Hector Lombard. This fight has the very high combined age of 83 years – a UFC betting record in and of itself. Henderson is a top-notch grappler and can knock you out with a single shot, but fans who bet on UFC 199 have never really seen the once former Pride and Strikeforce champion at its best – probably weren’t even born at the time. Lombard’s strengths are similar and could rock Henderson’s world early on, ground him and apply a submission move in the second round, or could get a technical knockout in the first. He always comes like a bull out of the gate in Pamplona in the first – first round’s his round. Henderson aging and has been knocked about one time too many recently. One can see Lombard getting him punch-drunk.

Dustin Poirier vs. Bobby Green. Both men are as well rounded as a James Joyce character and it might boil down to who is more driven at the time of the fight. Poirier has impressed fans who bet on UFC after a loss to the aforementioned McGregor (how is it that he gets two mentions in an article about a card he’s not even on? A great marketing department), but Green’s wrestling’s not only his meal ticket but could be The Magic Ticket. This has the makings of a point-scoring affair and Green may be green but he’s also ripe to pick up the decision.

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