UFC 113 Betting, Rua vs. Machida in the rematch

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

The UFC 113 betting action will feature all kinds of top MMA wagering talent but there is one fight in particular that has the UFC odds fans salivating.

On Saturday May 8th when the UFC 113 odds action gets underway at the CentreBell in Montreal, Quebec, Canada the fans will be waiting to see who wins in all-Brazilian Light heavyweight title match.

If you like watching the upper weight division MMA fights and betting on the big men than you do not want to miss this UFC 113 odds bout.  These two men are both supremely talented and terrific all-around MMA specialists.  And even better, there is more than just a little bad blood between these two countrymen and that should add a little something extra to the UFC 113 betting.

These two men are hardly strangers and just last year they fought one of the most controversial MMA betting title bouts in the history of UFC betting.  In their first title bout in October of 2009 Machida, the UFC light heavyweight champ, won a unanimous decision according to three judges, but it hardly unanimous among the UFC fighters and other MMA betting experts.

Even UFC head Dana White thought the results were a joke and stated that Rua should have won the match.  In the seven months since, no one has forgotten about that UFC betting result and MMA fans have been screaming for a rematch ever since.

And they’ll finally get in the UFC 113 betting action.  These fighters matchup well and it’s hard to pick a favorite in the UFC 113 odds.

No doubt when both men finally take the ring in this UFC 113 betting event they’ll be more than ready for the fight to start.  No matter who wins, this has the potential to go down as a UFC betting classic.

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