UFC 112 Betting action

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

In a move that’s reflective of the wave of global development taking place –and a sports betting even that would have been impossible to imagine even a decade ago- the UFC 112 betting action will be held in the Abu Dhabi for the very time in online betting history.

But just because the UFC wagering action will be happening on foreign soil you can still expect to see familiar names listed in the UFC 112 odds.  With the great fighters and the great locale this UFC 112 promises to be one of the most memorable UFC betting events ever held.

For MMA wagering fans the UFC 112 event has a little bit of everything for everyone.  The headline bout of course is the middleweight championship fight between Anderson Silva and challenger Demian Maia.  If there is a better middleweight fighter in MMA betting action anywhere on the world, he hasn’t been found yet.  Silva is quickly becoming a legend in the MMA betting action and hasn’t lost a UFC betting match since 2006.

Silva will be looking to make it 12 wins in a row and the UFC odds back him up.  Maia is a fellow Brazilian but a relatively inexperienced fighter and the UFC 112 betting event will be the biggest bout of his life …by a huge margin.

But the Silva vs Maia MMA betting matchup is hardly the only bout worth watching in the UFC 112 betting action.  Also on the main card lightweight scrapper BJ Penn will take on Frankie Edgar in what should be an epic MMA brawl and a great chance to play the UFC 112 odds.  Penn should emerge victorious from this bout and re-establish himself as a top title contender.

Rounding out the Main Card are other such MMA betting luminaries like Matt Hughes, Kendall Grove, Mark Munoz and the obligatory Gracie family member, Renzo.

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