Brian Serra is a top draw in UFC 83 Betting at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC 83 betting experts will not make the same mistake they made the last time Brian Serra and Georges St. Pierre squared off.

Nearly one year ago these two bruisers squared off in a UFC betting contest for the Welterweight championship, the same as they will do in the UFC 83 betting. Heading into that event the oddsmakers put Serra as a huge underdog but after an impressive win he’s anything but an underdog as the UFC 83 betting event rolls around.

UFC 83 betting fans have been begging for this rematch to see whether or not it was fluke on the part of Serra. But most UFC betting fans that will be active in the UFC 83 betting expect Serra to repeat his victory. The young man born in Long Island has burst onto the UFC betting with his jiu-jitsu fighting style and there’s hardly a UFC 83 betting fan out there who doesn’t think he deserves to be on the top billing. His Championship belt is proof enough that he’s the top fighter at the UFC 83 betting challenge and with a second convincing win over St. Pierre he could be catapulted to superstardom if the UFC 83 betting goes his way.

Serra literally burst onto the UFC betting scene with his surprisingly easy victory over St. Pierre the first time around. But a brief look at his history makes it plane to see that it was only inevitable that he should be featured in a huge event like the UFC 83 betting. At 33 years old he’s in his prime and looking to continue his dominance of the welterweight division at the UFC 83 betting showdown. A master of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu Serra trained with the legendary Gracey family and was the first American to receive a black belt in that discipline.
Serra’s long journey to the top of the sport and the main card of UFC 83 betting has been peppered with all kinds of fighting along the way. He was a medalist at the 1999 Pan American games and World Championships. He also appeared on a Spike TV show before becoming a big time name in UFC betting and has only been on top of the UFC betting world for a short time. With a 9 and 4 record in the mixed martial arts and only one knock out, the stats aren’t all that impressive heading into the UFC 83 betting. But the only stat that really matters, his world championship, speaks loud and clear and will most likely be retained after the UFC 83 betting.

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