Picking UFC Betting Winners

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC betting continues to be popular as the bouts are exciting and fun to watch. It is always more exciting though when you bet on UFC and pick winners.

What do you need to know to pick winners in UFC betting?

UFC betting has the odds based on money lines. That means you are laying money on the favorite or getting plus money on the underdog. How do you go about picking the winners as you bet on UFC? There is no strategy in UFC betting that works every time but there are some things to remember. Going against the popular fighters in marquee fights has worked well over the years. The big favorites have not really done that well versus the UFC betting line over the years. That has slowed in recent seasons but overall the UFC betting underdogs have held their own.

As you begin to bet on UFC you should start by looking at the odds. Get familiar with the favorite and the underdog. Read some of the previews and see who the experts and the public like in a fight. If they really like a favorite then you should seriously consider the UFC betting underdog. If they give the underdog a great chance then you really want to take the favorite as you bet UFC action. You also want to look at fighting styles as you get ready to bet on UFC. Some styles just work better against other styles and that is important to keep in mind. That applies to the bouts on the main card and those on the preliminary card.

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to bet the fights on the main UFC betting card. There is oftentimes better value on the bouts on the preliminary card. Many of these fights are not televised but that doesn’t mean you can’t win money on them. You can find out great information on all of the bouts in UFC betting.

UFC betting can be profitable if you do a little bit of research and study the information. Always look to go against popular opinion and also see if you can find styles that match up well. It is in these situations that you can find some good situations for UFC betting. Keep these things in mind and your chances of picking winners will be greater.

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