Odds on UFC at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

UFC odds are shown at sportsbooks around the world and are based on money lines similar to what you see in other sports.

Let’s take a look at some UFC betting choices you are likely to see. UFC odds are easy to understand. Let’s take as an example UFC odds event between Quinton Jackson and Forrest Griffin.

Quinton Jackson    -240
Forrest Griffin         +200
Rounds 2.5           (under -120)

In this UFC odds example, Jackson is the UFC betting favorite and Griffin is the underdog. If you bet Jackson you would risk $24 to win $10 or as high as you liked whether it was $240 or $2,400.  It is a 2.4 to 1 equivalent. If you liked Griffin you would be getting $200 for every $100 you wagered if Griffin won or the 2 to 1 UFC betting equivalent.  The round option in this UFC odds example has it listed at 2.5. If you wanted to bet the under you would lay $12-10 and if you liked the over you would bet even money, such as 10-10 in UFC odds. Keep in mind when betting UFC odds that the title fights are five rounds while the other fights are three.

UFC odds are available on a regular basis at sportsbooks. All of the major events are listed as well as those televised on Spike TV. Anytime you visit the sportsbook you will probably see some upcoming UFC odds. You may also find other MMA odds at the sportsbook since there is more than one organization that promotes mixed martial arts.  The UFC though is the main body that runs the biggest events and that is why UFC odds are the most popular type of MMA odds.

When you are looking at UFC odds you will have some excellent choices at the sportsbook. You can pick and choose your spots with your UFC betting since there are always new events on the schedule. You will also notice non-title fights on the UFC odds board and those are worth betting as well.