Jackson and Evans will Finally meet up in the UFC 114 odds

December 2, 2010 UFC

MMA betting fans wanted it and now they’ve got it: Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evens in the main event of the upcoming UFC 114 odds action.

This is a fight that fans have been begging for and have been waiting to see for quite some time.  But the wait is finally over and this sports betting matchup should provide an electric finish to the upcoming UFC 114 betting event.

This bout was originally scheduled for the UFC 107 betting event but had to be postponed with Jackson took on the role of B.A. Baracus in the new “A-Team” movie and the MMA betting event conflicted with the shooting dates.  But as the old adage goes, “better late than never;” and this UFC 114 odds matchup should prove to be well worth the weight.

When Jackson and Evans finally get into the ring it will be one of the rare occasions in MMA betting that two former champs will go head-to-head.  As UFC 114 betting fans will recall both of these men both briefly held the UFC betting light heavyweight title.  And both are still in their prime and more than capable of winning back the belt that is now currently held by Lyota Machida who took the UFC betting title from Evans.

Jackson has a 30-7 lifetime record in the MMA betting and is as talented as any fighter in the world.  However, his focus and discipline in the ring has been questioned by many MMA wagering fans and that could be his down fall in the upcoming UFC 114 odds action.  Critics claim that his new found acting career could prove too big of a distraction for him over come and will cause him lose this UFC betting match up.  Nobody will know the answer to that until he steps into the ring but no doubt he’ll be anxious to prove the critics wrong and get another shot at the UFC betting title.

Evans was the most recent UFC light heavyweight champion before Machida and is still in top fighting form.  He’ll be favored in the UFC 114 odds and certainly is capable of defeating Jackson.  His only loss in his 16 bout MMA betting career was to Machida and can be chalked up to lack of experience.  With a wrestling background Evans is a master on the mat and will almost certainly win the UFC 114 odds main event if he can keep the action on the canvass.