Heavyweights overlooked in UFC 87 Betting at SBG Global

December 2, 2010 UFC

If you like heavy weight mixed martial arts fighting then you’ll love the upcoming UFC 87 betting.

But from the first fight of the under card all the way to the main event, the UFC 87 betting card is stacked. Even though the headlines leading up to the UFC 87 betting odds belong to John Fitch and Georges St Pierre, fans will be talking about all the fighters once the events are played out.

The heavyweight lineup for the UFC 87 betting event is undeniably stacked in the heavyweight division. But with Fitch and St Pierre set to do battle in the UFC 87 betting odds main event it would be very tough to top this welter weight match up. But believe it or not there are plenty of other very compelling UFC 87 betting match ups that, when all said and done, just may be more memorable than the UFC 87 betting main event.

Take for example the Brock Lesnar Heath Herring heavyweight match up also on the UFC 87 betting main card. While neither of these fighters are skilled as the featured performers in the UFC 87 betting main event, they are both specimens of power in terms of punching and both know their way around a mat as many UFC betting odds analysts have made known.

But even the UFC betting under card features plenty of talent. In one of the more intriguing UFC 87 betting under card match ups, the Ben Saunders vs. Jared Rollins event could bring some real pizzazz to the UFC 87 betting in the welter weight match ups. Both men are coming off a stint in the Ultimate Fighter competition and carry a significant fan base with them into the UFC 87 betting odds.  And then there’s the UFC 87 betting bout between Andre Gusmao and Razzak Al-Hassan. Both men are making their UFC debut at the UFC 87 betting event and with little known about either fighter this could easily turn into the most exciting (or perhaps the most interesting UFC 87 betting opportunity) of the entire night.

But the great thing about the UFC 87 betting, and UFC betting in general, is that anything can happen in the octagon, and you never know what to expect.