George St. Pierre vs. Mike Bisping

Is GSP versus Bisping on or off? No UFC Betting Idea

June 15, 2017 UFC

Truth be told, we don’t have the slightest UFC betting idea whether the proposed George St. Pierre vs. Mike Bisping fight is still going to happen or not. To make a long story short, GPS came out of retirement, signed with UFC, and was booked to face Bisping in a middleweight championship match. GSP tGeorge St. Pierre vs. Mike Bisping weeted The Bisp that he would be ready for him anytime after November, which sent Dana White into a fit because, as fans who bet on UFC like to say, time is money. So he called off the match and said Bisping would defend the title against Yoel Romero.

Since then, it has transpired that GSP reportedly has suffered an eye injury that precludes him from stepping inside the octagon before November. As it turns out, and just to show that the best laid plans of mice and MMA promoters often go awry, Bisping is nursing an injury of his own – forcing Romero to face Robert Whittaker on July 8, 2017 at UFC 213 in the dreaded interim championship fight. The winner of that bout would then go on to meet Bisping for the title.

Perhaps that eye injury has affected GSP’s foresightedness, but the Canadian brawler recently told TSN he is “positive” the Bisping fight would still come to pass after talking to White. “I think it will happen,” St. Pierre said. “I think it will. After the conversation I had with him, because the problem I have with Dana is my mistake. We talked through reporters. There’s declaration and stuff so I think it’s good that we talk to each other and can see where are minds are and work together for the benefit of UFC.” and for the benefit of UFC betting too, of course.

Now, if the bout were to happen, the remaining question would be: “Georges St-Pierre will come back, who knows when, November, December or next year,” White said in a recent UFC Unfiltered podcast appearance. “November, December or January next year. Who knows? I’m not very confident when GSP will return. So we’ll see.” Huh. That sounds more like an ‘if’ than a ‘when.’ And a big ‘if’ at that. Huge. George, are you sure you talked to Dana? Is there any chance you actually spoke to Eric Bischoff by mistake? Hey, it’s an easy mistake to make. 

Whatever happens, fans who bet on UFC won’t have to take much more of this nonsense. GSP is under the impression that Bisping will retire if he loses to him. Bisping, who on a recent edition of his podcast said “I don’t know what my next fight is going to be. Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to be GSP,” is planning to retire regardless after a couple more fights. And St. Pierre said in late May the he would be the one retiring if he loses to Bisping. What are the UFC betting odds of both retiring each other at the same time? That might be what’s best for business.

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